The top 5 all-time NHL All-Star performances, including Wayne Gretzky’s 1983 appearance

The top 5 all-time NHL All-Star performances, including Wayne Gretzky’s 1983 appearance

This weekend’s NHL All-Star Game in Toronto is something that hockey fans always look forward to since it pits the top players against one another in what are always high-scoring games.

However, some athletes stand out for their performances in particular years, so let’s look at those.

The top 5 most memorable NHL All-Star games

5. Dany Heatley, 2003

Although Dany Heatley had many memorable All-Star moments, his performance in 2003 was probably his greatest.

Heatley finished with five points from four goals and one assist, earning him the title of game MVP. Despite his conference losing, he was named MVP after scoring the first four goals for the Eastern Conference.

4. Jakub Voracek, 2015

Mario Lemieux’s record of six points in a single NHL All-Star game was tied by Jakub Voracek, and it remains tied to this day.

He helped lead Team Toews to a 17–12 victory, the highest-scoring game in NHL All-Star Game history, with three goals and three assists. Ryan Johansen won game MVP despite Voracek tying the record because the game was played in Columbus, where he was playing.

3. Mario Lemieux, 1988

With six points in a single game, Mario Lemieux and his 1998 achievement are tied for the record.

Lemieux scored the game-winning goal in overtime to give the Wales Conference the victory. He also got three assists. He scored six points in all and won the game, earning him the MVP award.

2. Mike Gartner, 1993

Mike Gartner’s 1993 NHL All-Star Game debut was one to remember. In just 3:15 seconds, he scored the first goal of the match. 22 seconds later, he scored again.

In the end, the New York Rangers forward ended with three goals and an assist for four points in the opening frame, tying the record for most points in a quarter in the history of the All-Star Game. In the end, he was also awarded the All-Star Game MVP.

1. Wayne Gretzky, 1983

Wayne Gretzky always achieved something special when he took part in an NHL All-Star Game. He set an All-Star Game record in 1983 that stands to this day.

Gretzky set a record for both the most points and goals in a single period of play with four goals in the third quarter of the match. In the last period, Team Campbell outscored Team Wales 6-1, and his four goals helped them win 9-3.

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