The Next Big Move: Top 6 Cryptocurrencies After Bitcoin’s Halving

The Next Big Move: Top 6 Cryptocurrencies After Bitcoin’s Halving

Bitcoin halving events often cause large market swings and have historically triggered periods of rising prices. As the anticipated 2024 bull market approaches, all eyes are on cryptocurrencies that are expected to follow Bitcoin in its rise. Investors and enthusiasts alike want to understand which coins stand to benefit the most in the post-halving situation. In this article, This article highlight six competitors that are poised for significant growth.

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BlastUP’s roadmap has been extended to 2026, promising the introduction of AI-driven tools and community marketplaces to further strengthen the ecosystem’s capabilities.

Solana Current Market Performance and Price Forecast

Solana’s price has been volatile this week, varying between $163.49 and $200.06. Last week, SOL fell by 5.48%, but this month it rose by 17.43%. The growth over the past six months has been impressive, increasing by a whopping 700.64%. The market is showing that SOL is making an almost impulsive move towards resistance, with signs of hesitation as indicated by the stochastic at 86.56, suggesting it may be overbought.

Looking ahead, SOL faces the first major resistance level at $220.57. If it breaks, the next challenging point will be $257.14. The RSI is relatively high at 59.22, with room for growth before it is considered overbought. On the downside, SOL will decline at $147.43 and further find downside support at $110.86.

Optimism Crypto Price Watch

Over the past week, the price of Optimism has fallen by approximately 3.41%. Over the past six months, the price has increased by 156.09%, while the last month saw a more significant price decline of 32.84%. OP is currently trading between $2.80 and $3.64. After six months of impulsive gains, recent price trends appear to be correcting.

Predicting the future price of optimism can be difficult. If the trends of the past six months continue, OP could test higher resistance levels and target $4.08 or $4.92. However, if the recent one-month decline continues, the price could fall towards the next support at $2.41 or even further at $1.57. The coin’s trading indicators are showing mixed signals, with the RSI suggesting neutrality while the MACD is showing slightly negative momentum. Both possible upward momentum and downward corrections should be closely monitored.

Current Ethereum Price Trends and Forecast

Ethereum is up 8.29% in the last week, trading in a range of $3,225 to $3,665.81, despite falling 11.91% in the last month. In six months, Ethereum has gained a staggering 130.96%. The current move is more impulsive, with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggesting strong buying interest, while the stochastics indicate a possible overbought situation.

Ethereum could reach the next resistance level at $3876.85, and if this momentum continues, it could approach the second resistance level at $4317.55. However, if sellers take control, ETH could test the next support level at $2995.45, and if it falls further, it could test the second support level at $2554.75. there is. Optimistically, a stable moving average suggests that interest remains high, but caution is advised as indicators suggest that prices may need to settle before continuing higher. is required.

Analysis of the Render’s Price Movement

With a remarkable 435.97% increase over the last six months, Render (RNDR) has experienced tremendous development. However, the price has been trending down recently, falling 2.08% over the last week and 18.76% during the previous month. As evidenced by the negative one-month and one-week shifts, RNDR is exhibiting more corrective movements and retreating from higher levels. It is currently trading between $8.80 and $10.70.

A balanced price outlook is important given RNDR’s current position. On the other hand, a break above the next resistance level at $11.65 could send the price trend towards the second resistance level at $13.56, which could potentially signal a recovery. However, a break below the next support at $7.84 could lead to further decline towards $5.93, suggesting caution. With a relatively neutral RSI and stochastic measurements, RNDR could see both consolidation and volatility in the short term.

Dogecoin Price Movement: Range and Trend Insights

Dogecoin (DOGE) has grown significantly over the past six months, registering an increase of almost 240%. An increase of 12.93% and 8.60% over the past week and month, respectively, indicates a short-term positive trend. DOGE is currently trading between $0.17 and $0.22. Price action suggests an equilibrium that is neither very impulsive nor corrective, holding an intermediate level with growth potential towards the next resistance level at $0.25.

Looking to the future, DOGE’s recent stability at the $0.20 level provides a solid foundation for potential growth. The next support is at $0.14, which will be an important level to maintain optimism. If it gains momentum, it could push towards the second resistance level at $0.30. However, traders should also consider that the second support at $0.09 is near, which could have an impact if the market reverses.


Six cryptocurrencies have been identified as potential winners after the Bitcoin halving. Solana (SOL), Optimism (OP), and Ethereum (ETH) are showing signs of growth, but may not be likely to rise quickly in the short term. Lender (RNDR) and Dogecoin (DOGE) are also promising, but may not rise as quickly. Among them, BlastUP has the highest potential for a sharp rise. The project’s solid concept within the Blast ecosystem positions it well for those seeking immediate growth opportunities following the Bitcoin halving.

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