The High Society Bringing Cannabis Culture to the Digital Ecosystem and NFT Industry

The High Society Bringing Cannabis Culture to the Digital Ecosystem and NFT Industry

The High Society is bridging the gap between cannabis culture and the growing NFT industry. In a world with projects like BAYC and CryptoKitties, The High Society is offering a different kind of human connection and cultural integration in the digital space. Although the industry has previously been captivated by artists and projects that celebrate character creation, The High Society believes it is time for the community to also acknowledge those participating in fringe cultures.

As the industry increasingly focuses on developing NFT utility, the digital community fails to recognize the power of story in the digital ecosystem. For this reason, the project is offering a range of fictitious human characters who also speak to social customs and living history. The High Society understands and believes in targeting a more human and culturally-specific narrative with their project guidelines.

The High Society is starting its journey toward NFT supremacy by highlighting a culture that unites us, regardless of our color, class or region: marijuana. Beyond the project’s fully-fledged social club, its artistic concept revolves around depicting unique personalities lounging with a bong. These individuals would represent variations and derivatives of different celebrities and influential personalities from around the world. The project envisions helping the world overcome the stigmas related to the cannabis community.

Following their artistic ideation, the project intends to make the artistic and thematic selections that would support their marketing. Before they open themselves up for minting, whitelisting events will aim to gather community interest. Once the project reaches its target of selling out the 10,000 NFT collection, integration with the metaverse is the next stop on its horizon. Forthcoming utility will then provide NFT holders with the benefits of a social ecosystem and bring members of the digital and cannabis communities together. There is still much to be changed in our historical moment and its relationship to cannabis and The High Society is beginning with the NFT industry.

About The High Society

The High Society is an NFT collection that represents a social club and cannabis culture. It focuses on human nature and cultural figures across the digital community. As the NFT industry takes charge in Web 3.0 and the metaverse, The High Society is developing art that celebrates personality, bongs, and lounge life.

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