The Galaxy S23 now supports Samsung’s powerful AI picture editing tool

The Galaxy S23 now supports Samsung’s powerful AI picture editing tool

The Gallery app from Samsung is packed with powerful edition options and a lot of features. Samsung released Galaxy Enhance-X as an experimental app in July 2022 that uses artificial intelligence to remove reflections and blur from photos. It also provided a number of additional features, such as the capability to enhance the HDR effect and upscale an image. The Korean giant has now officially launched the Galaxy Enhance-X for the Galaxy S23 series on the Galaxy App Store ten months after the app was first made available for testing.

According to a member of the Samsung camera team, the app uses a more powerful AI engine to further enhance your images in its announcement (via SamMobile). There is a Magic button in the image editor that uses “deep learning and AI algorithms” to fix problems like noise, blur, loss of detail, and more in your photos. The application’s point of interaction continues as before as it initially sent off, and, surprisingly, the altering devices continue as before. In order to make Galaxy Enhance-X more effective, Samsung presumably enhanced the AI engine.

In the Galaxy App Store listing, Samsung describes the app as follows:

A one-stop AI solution for all media enhancements is the Galaxy Enhance-X app. Your image is improved and refined to a higher quality with a single tap, analyzed for flaws.

Any image can be transformed by Enhance-X; It doesn’t just apply to pictures taken with your Galaxy phone. You can use the on-screen slider to compare the before and after after tweaking an image with the app. Dissimilar to Samsung Exhibition, the organization’s freshest photograph altering application doesn’t have full admittance to your photograph library. All things considered, you should physically choose the photograph you need to upgrade.

Due to the fact that it requires a powerful AI engine to function, the Galaxy Enhance-X is currently only available on the Galaxy S23 lineup. However, Samsung is working on making the app compatible with the Galaxy S22 series in the near future, and it is also planning to support additional devices, including the Galaxy A series.

The Galaxy Enhance-X app can be downloaded for free from the Galaxy App Store. Don’t worry if you don’t use a Samsung phone or own a Galaxy S23. Take a look at some of the best Android photo editing apps, which include a number of powerful tools to help you improve the photos you take.

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