The AI-generated wallpapers in Android 14 are fantastic. How to make them is shown below

The AI-generated wallpapers in Android 14 are fantastic. How to make them is shown below

One of the most significant changes in Android 14 was the arrival of a brand-new generative AI wallpaper tool. Users input a list of words or prompts, and like with just about every other AI image creation, the AI creates an entirely original image based on the input.

While this function is initially only available on the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, it will soon be available on other Android smartphones. Who’s to stop you from creating a wallpaper for your phone using a third-party picture generator in the interim? Although it shouldn’t be as amazing as Android’s built-in service, it should still be useful.

The procedure for the one that comes with Android 14 is rather easy and even a little enjoyable. Although you are restricted to a few themes and keywords and cannot build an image using your own words, there are still nearly limitless options available. Even inputting the same prompt twice in a row will result in different backgrounds.

How to use the AI wallpaper maker on Android 14 is shown below.

How to generate AI wallpapers on Android 14

Currently, an Android 14-powered Google Pixel 8 or Google Pixel 8 Pro is required. However, any smartphone running Android 14 will ultimately.

1. Access your “Wallpaper & style” settings

Go to your “Wallpaper & style” settings in order to create an AI wallpaper. Either by touching and holding on your wallpaper or by using the Settings app, you may access this.

2. Tap on “More wallpapers” and select “AI wallpaper”

Here, you’ll find basic wallpaper options, but you’ll want to go beyond what’s offered by default. Click “More wallpapers.” The option to “Create a Wallpaper” is located at the top. Tap the “AI wallpaper” link there.

3. Select a theme

You must provide the AI with a starting point. Select one of the pre-set themes, such as x-ray, texture, painting, or mineral. This creates the general feel of your wallpaper. Tap the drop-down menu at the top if you want to alter it at any time.

4. Add keywords

The keyword list for the image generator will now be extensive and include terms like “spaceship,” “castle,” and “flower.” Because there are only so many keywords available for each theme, you may see some keywords on one theme but not on another. Here, you can also alter the overall colour palette.

5. Tap “Create Wallpaper”

When you have the desired keywords, select “Create wallpaper”. It will take the AI a short while to offer you with your options.

6. Choose a wall covering

Based on the keywords and theme you entered, you’ll be presented with four distinct options. Swipe to see them all, then hit the checkmark in the top right corner of the one you prefer to set it your wallpaper, lock screen, or both.

Your phone’s colour scheme will instantly change to match the wallpaper you choose. Start afresh if you don’t like any of the creations. You will receive various photos even if you enter the exact same prompts.

7. Click “Inspire me” to generate a random wallpaper

To let the AI gods choose your background if you’re not feeling particularly creative or just want to, select “Inspire me.” When you select that option, artificial intelligence will create a wallpaper at random.

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