The 5 best fights that defined Iron Mike Tyson’s reign

The 5 best fights that defined Iron Mike Tyson’s reign

Mike Tyson was only eight years old in 2005, the year of his last non-exhibition fight. Still, 19 years later, on July 20 at the AT&T stadium, Iron Mike will square off against the Disney star-turned-YouTuber-turned-boxer.

The fight was announced on ‘X’ by Netflix, the host streaming platform. Mike and Roy Jones Jr. squared off in an exhibition match in 2020.

Here are some of Iron Mike’s greatest fights from his professional career, as the former heavyweight world champion dons his boxing gloves once more.

Trevor Berbick vs. Tyson (1986)

Mike was only 20 years old and fighting for the heavyweight championship. His final obstacle was the impressive and experienced Berbick.

Mike being Mike, his ferocity and relentless attack overwhelmed Berbick and cemented Tyson’s status as a boxing genius. With this victory, Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion at the time.

Tyson vs. Michael Spinks (1988)

This was one of those matches where the intimidation factor extended beyond the ring. A formidable opponent, Spinks was considered one of the best heavyweights of his time. Still, it only took Mike 91 seconds to defeat him.

Tyson’s relentless aggression and devastating punches resulted in a no contest, demonstrating his unparalleled power and skill.

Tyson vs. Larry Holmes (1988):

Larry Holmes was a former heavyweight champion and boxing legend. Although he tried his best, his opponent still proved to be a strong and difficult opponent.

Defeating such an experienced opponent and champion further solidified Mike’s reputation as a dominant force in the heavyweight division.

Tyson vs. Buster Douglas (1990)

This fight is considered one of the greatest upsets in boxing history. Considered a major underdog, Douglas shocked the world by defeating then-undefeated Tyson. This fight highlighted Tyson’s vulnerability and demonstrated boxing’s unpredictability despite his previous dominance.

Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield (1996)

Tyson’s first fight with Holyfield was highly anticipated as both were former champions. Tyson lost by TKO to Holyfield, but even if the result didn’t go in Tyson’s favor, this match is still important because of the hype surrounding this fight and the meeting of two boxing legends.

Tyson’s legacy is power, skill, and overwhelming dominance in the ring. Even though Jake Paul is young, full of energy, probably full of confidence, and has only lost once in his boxing career so far, you shouldn’t bet against Iron Mike.

Even at 57 years old, the former heavyweight champion is sure to give a relatively inexperienced boxer a challenge, and perhaps even a victory.

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