Taylor Swift cheers Travis Kelce during a Kansas City Chiefs game

Taylor Swift cheers Travis Kelce during a Kansas City Chiefs game

For NFL tight end Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, who was spotted in Kelce’s family suite at Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game, it may be the beginning of a love story.

During the FOX Sports broadcast, the singer could be seen supporting the Chiefs while sporting a red and white team jacket. She appeared to be chatting and having fun while watching the game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City with the player’s mother, Donna Kelce.

Swift’s show of support comes after weeks of rumours that she and Kelce are dating, which were spread by numerous NFL commentators and the great majority of Swifties. Even though they haven’t publicly denied their relationship, Kelce claimed last week in an interview with ESPN that he finds the attention on Swift and him to be “hilarious.”

“This is like the old school game called telephone, where everybody is just whispering in everybody’s ear,” he said, adding that “no one actually knows what’s going on.”

The rumours started earlier this month when Travis Kelce revealed on his podcast, “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce,” that he attempted to give Taylor Swift his phone number during one of her “Eras” tour concerts using a friendship bracelet he had manufactured for her.

Unfortunately, he admitted to his brother Jason that he was “disappointed” to find that she doesn’t speak prior to or following her performances because “she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings.”

“So, I was a little bit hurt I didn’t get to hand her one of the bracelets I made for her,” he added.

Kelce seemed to have tried one more play however.

On Thursday, during his conversation with ESPN, Kelce said, “I threw the ball in her court and told her, ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead. You might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one’s a little more lit.’”

“We’ll see what happens in the near future,” he added.


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