Taco Cabana says their mesquite-smoked brisket is back!

Taco Cabana says their mesquite-smoked brisket is back!

Fans of Texas brisket and tacos Cabana, rejoice!

Taco Cabana announces the return of Mesquite-Smoked Brisket at all participating restaurants starting on January 22, due to tremendous customer demand.

With an authentic smokey taste and aroma, the new TC brisket is juicy, tender, and tasty after being slow-smoked in Texas for over 14 hours over real mesquite.

Features of Taco Cabana’s Mesquite-Smoked Brisket menu:

  • Brisket Taco
  • Street tacos with brisket, topped with onions and cilantro
  • Breakfast taco with brisket and eggs (available with or without cheese)

There is a side dish of barbecue sauce supplied with every brisket items.

While stocks last, the three new goods are only available for a brief period of time.

“Culinary innovation remains a priority for TC in 2024 and after a successful market test in the Houston area, we are thrilled to bring a new, unique smoked brisket back to TC fans across Texas,” said Ulyses Camacho, Taco Cabana President and COO.


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