Taco Bell’s latest menu item is both a Crispy Chicken Sandwich and a Taco, and it’s starting on March

Taco Bell’s latest menu item is both a Crispy Chicken Sandwich and a Taco, and it’s starting on March

The firm chicken “taco” with a “puffy bread” shell will get a trial one month from now before a national launch later this year.

Taco Bell is entering the chicken sandwich wars—and however their endeavor to rival any semblance of Popeyes and Chick-fil-A honors the chain’s taco roots, the forthcoming menu item skews shockingly more like a sandwich than fans may anticipate.

Declared today, Taco Bell’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco will get a test launch in Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina, beginning on March 11 (valued at $2.49) prior to accepting a guaranteed cross country rollout in the not so distant future. Also, indeed, the new item will keep “an iconic taco form;” in any case, rather than a standard shell, this “sandwich taco” will be served in “a puffy bread.” Maybe you could consider it a next level Gordita? (R.I.P.) Taco Bell essentially says the menu thing is both “a sandwich AND a taco.”

Concerning the chicken, Taco Bell charges the filling as “premium all-white-meat crispy chicken, marinated in jalapeno buttermilk, then seasoned with bold Mexican spices and rolled in a crunchy tortilla chip coating.” And following Popeyes, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco will be sold in both ordinary and hot renditions, the last of which will incorporate “crunchy jalapeno slices for those who can take the heat.”

Taco Bell advises us that the brand “is no stranger to crispy chicken after having introduced fan-favorites such as Crispy Chicken Chickstar (2015), the Naked Chicken Chips (2017) and Naked Chicken Chalupa (2017).” (also that they were trying Crispy Chicken Wings this previous August.) Looking forward, the chain likewise adds that “Taco Bell fans everywhere will be excited to know this isn’t our only crispy chicken innovation arriving in 2021″— however what else is at their disposal is left implicit.

Obviously, Taco Bell is a long way from the only fast food chain searching for a piece of the booming chicken sandwich market. Popeyes began the current madness when their new chicken sandwich dispatched—and promptly sold out—in the late spring of 2019. Also, since, everybody from McDonald’s to KFC has been retooling their chicken sandwich choices to contend. Both Burger King and Wendy’s even reported new chicken sandwiches a week ago.

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