Spotify is replacing a new and enhanced “plus” button for its previous “heart” icon

Spotify is replacing a new and enhanced “plus” button for its previous “heart” icon

The heart icon on Spotify will soon be replaced by a “plus” button that lets you save music and add songs to particular playlists. In a blog post, the music streaming app noted that in order to save a song or podcast to your library and then add it to a playlist of your choice, you will now need to tap the new “plus” icon twice.

As it appears that Spotify has been testing the change since the latter part of last year, some users already have the combined “plus” button on their app. The Spotify app used to have a “heart” icon that could be clicked to like a song and save it to your library. It also had a separate “add to playlist” button that was hidden within the app’s three dots menu.

Even though Spotify claims that the new feature will enable users to “save time” and “add to multiple playlists at once,” I can’t say I’m a fan of the change—but only for the tiniest of reasons. My perception is that the universal “like” symbol is the heart, and changing it to a “plus” makes it appear less intuitive. On the other hand, I must admit that it appears to be a useful addition for anyone looking to quickly add music to a playlist. something that I rarely find myself doing.)

This new “plus” button allows you to not only save songs and podcasts to your library or other playlists, but also add entire albums, playlists, and audiobooks, as Spotify pointed out. When the content has been saved, the button will change to a green checkmark. It is now available worldwide on Android and iOS and will be available to all Spotify users in the “coming weeks.”

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