Shakira Announces 2024 Tour with Bizarrap at Coachella

Shakira Announces 2024 Tour with Bizarrap at Coachella

The first weekend of Coachella was full of surprises, and Friday’s Visawrap evening set was no exception. The high-energy DJ set was supported by Shakira, who announced that she will be performing with him later this year.

The two performed their hit songs “La Fuerte” and “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53.”

Shakira arrived at Bizarrap about 30 minutes into the performance and suddenly appeared on a raised platform behind him. It appeared under the scorching sun. Red-orange dress and giant aviator sunglasses. As she sang, the stage gradually lowered, first joining him from behind the decks, then she happily worked the front row of the stage, going to the edge to wave to her fans.

The music briefly stopped while she spoke the audience in both Spanish and English, announcing their upcoming tour and explaining the importance of the statement she had hinted at earlier in the day, “La loba se viene” (the wolf is coming). As she announced the tour, the message on the screen above the stage read “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran World Tour,” which matched to the title of her new album, her first since 2017. It features pop hits with Cardi B, Rauw Alejandro, Tiesto, and other artists.

“Finally we’re going on tour — starting here, in November!” she shouted. “Starting here, this November, in this city! Can’t wait!”

According to reports earlier this year, Shakira’s team tried hard to get her a headlining spot at this year’s festival, but she was turned down. As the Colombian superstar belted out an energetic performance, at least her appearance during Visa’s performance confirmed there was no bad blood between Shakira and the festival. Visa and Shakira made headlines with the release of “Vol. 53,” or her 53rd song in her YouTube series “BZRP Music Sessions,” produced by the Argentine star. They performed the song at the Latin Grammy Awards and on The “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Coachella will go on until Friday night, when artist Lana Del Rey will give a farewell performance. Tyler, the Creator is the Saturday night headliner, while Doja Cat will play a last closing concert on Sunday to cap out the weekend.

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