Sega Genesis Mini 2 release will be one-tenth of the original in North American

Sega Genesis Mini 2 release will be one-tenth of the original in North American

Sega’s upcoming small system will have to be imported by western buyers, so if you want one, you’ll have to go to Amazon Japan.

Polygon reported that due to the continuing global supply scarcity of semiconductors, Sega is only offering the Genesis Mini 2 for sale in the West through Amazon Japan.

With a total production run that is only one-tenth of the original, the little console will also be far rarer than the Sega Genesis Mini from 2019. In fact, before deciding to make the North American version of the Genesis Mini 2 console accessible on Amazon Japan, Sega had only planned to produce enough units for the Japanese market.

The Genesis Mini 2 is currently available for preorder on Amazon for $103.80, with Amazon Japan fulfilling the order. The final price is $125.79. This is after the $21.99 advertised shipping. This is considerably more expensive than the $79.99 cost of the original.

You should probably take action sooner rather than later if you do decide to purchase one of these small consoles. The Genesis Mini 2 will probably be hard to get soon after introduction due to its limited production run and established import system.

Launch day for the Sega Genesis Mini 2 is set on October 27, 2022. The device will come with more than 50 iconic games, including unreleased games, arcade ports, Sega CD games, and Genesis games that weren’t on the original small console.

Users gave the initial Genesis Tiny a 9 and stated, “The SEGA Genesis Mini is the closest thing we have to a perfect all-in-one mini console so far. There are a few weird emulation issues here and there, but the sheer number of games and its delightful interface far outshines any graphical hiccups in these classic games.”

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