Samsung is offering free cloud storage, but there’s a small catch

Samsung is offering free cloud storage, but there’s a small catch

Users may now save files under a specific size for free with Samsung’s new service, but the free storage is only available for a short period of time.

With Samsung’s new Temporary Cloud Backup, users may access free cloud file storage for a maximum of 30 days. Users can keep as many files as they wish on their Samsung device running One UI 6.0 or higher; the only restriction is that files must not exceed 100 GB in size.

Samsung describes this as a “peace of mind” initiative, pointing out that people need a secure location to temporarily store files without worrying about losing them. This approach is a good choice when it comes to phone repairs. Users will be able to access this new free storage plan via their Samsung Accounts.

There won’t be a lot of pain involved with the whole process. Users will post files to the cloud from one device and retrieve them on another or the same device, just like with any other cloud service. If you’re utilising different devices, it’s likely that Samsung built both of them. Two-factor authentication will also need to be used for the process to work.

It’s important to remember that file storage users will be notified when the 30-day storage time is up. Files that have been kept for the entire duration will be automatically erased after that time. The clock begins to run as soon as the file uploads, and that time limit applies to each file separately. It will even be possible to upload data to the cloud for free from Samsung’s Secure Folder.

Samsung announces that all Galaxy devices running One UI 6.0 or later will be able to access the free Temporary Cloud Backup storage plan starting this autumn. Galaxy S and Z smartphones will be given priority throughout the rollout in Korea, with other devices coming later.

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