Samsung and LG is developing Next-Generation iPad Pro With OLED Display

Samsung and LG is developing Next-Generation iPad Pro With OLED Display

According to report, Samsung and LG are preparing their factories for the mass production of the first iPads with OLED displays. Due to the fact that the displays make use of both flexible and rigid OLED technologies, the report refers to them as “hybrid” panels.

Display industry analyst Ross Young, who has a proven track record with Apple rumors, claims that Apple intends to introduce new models with OLED displays in 2024 for the 13-inch MacBook Air, 11.1-inch iPad Pro, and 13-inch iPad Pro. Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple supply chain analyst, also anticipates the release of the first MacBook with an OLED display next year.

Young previously stated that the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air would feature “two-stack” OLED displays with two layers of red, green, and blue emission for increased brightness. In addition, he stated that ProMotion would be available on all devices with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

OLED displays have self-emitting pixels and do not require backlighting, allowing for a higher contrast ratio, greater color accuracy, and lower power consumption. All of the current iPads and MacBooks have backlit LCD displays. Except for the iPhone SE, Apple already uses OLED displays on its most recent models of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

In the meantime, the Apple Watch Ultra is expected to switch to a microLED display in 2024, and other Apple products are likely to follow over time. Following OLED, Apple will adopt microLED as its next display technology, paving the way for a higher contrast ratio, increased brightness, and lower power consumption.

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