Recently, Google Password Manager received a lot of amazing new features

Recently, Google Password Manager received a lot of amazing new features

There aren’t many tools you use as frequently as Google Password Manager, the built-in password locker accessible through Chrome, Android, and iOS’s autofill settings. It saves a tonne of time while performing daily tasks that frequently need logging in to a service, website, or app. Google now revealed a tonne of new features that should increase its awesome.

First, Google is introducing a “simplified and unified management experience that’s the same in Chrome and Android settings” for Password Manager. The days of opening on Chrome and then autofill while pondering why everything had been rearranged are long gone. Soon, password managers will all have the same appearance.

Second, Google is now flagging compromised credentials on Android in addition to Chrome. You will now receive alerts on Android when Google detects weak or frequently used passwords. Another new feature of Android is the ability to rapidly remedy them if warned. In fact, Google says that they are now informing all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux about compromised passwords.

More fun for Google Password Manager:
  • Manual password adding: Google is providing the option to manually add passwords across all platforms.
  • Multiple password grouping: According to Google, they will now automatically group your passwords if you use them for the same websites or applications.
  • Home screen shortcut: You may now add a shortcut to Password Manager to your Android home screens if you frequently use it.
  • Password generation for iOS apps: If you choose Chrome as your autofill provider, Google will allow you to create passwords for iOS apps.
  • Android Chrome Touch-to-Login: Google’s Touch-to-Login functionality, which enables rapid site login by tapping a button at the bottom of your screen, is now available in Chrome for Android.

Watch for the new experiences as all of these new features should be available soon.

You can only say thank you to Google as someone who uses Google Password Manager a lot.

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