Rapper Bad Bunny leaves the film ‘El Muerto’, a Spider-Man spinoff

Rapper Bad Bunny leaves the film ‘El Muerto’, a Spider-Man spinoff

According to report, El Muerto, the Spider-Man villain film, had been completely removed from Sony’s schedule. This indicated that the movie would either be canceled completely or put on hold indefinitely until the WGA strike was resolved. Bad Bunny, who starred in El Muerto, has officially left the film, and the role will now be recast.

Bad Bunny is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most beloved entertainers. He is a musician who travels the world and has made his way to the top. His popularity has caused him to pull out of what is probably his biggest role to date. Sony was having trouble finding time to film because of his intense touring schedule, but it appears that he has decided to quit completely.

Sony has been busy making films about villains that might one day lead into the Spider-Man universe helmed by Tom Holland. The first movie was Morbius, in which Jared Leto played the anti-hero of the title. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who will play Kraven the Hunter in a movie with the same name, will soon join Leto.

A Spider-Man villain will also be featured in Madame Web, which will be released in February 2024. Despite the musician’s official withdrawal, any of these villains—including Bad Bunny as El Muerto—could have been members of the Sinister Six.

In fact, Bad Bunny had a minor role in Brad Pitt’s successful action film Bullet Train. Funny thing is that Aaron Taylor-Johnson also played a big part in the movie. Sony’s producers were so impressed by the musician’s performance in the movie that they immediately approached him to cast him in the role. However, they chose El Muerto, who has only appeared in two issues of Spider-Man, arguably one of the least well-known villains.

Despite Sony’s official removal of El Muerto from its schedule, it appears that the Spider-Man spinoff will be made a reality. It’s possible that the role of Bad Bunny will go to someone with more experience in the acting industry.

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