PlayStation Plus, Sony’s new subscription service, is now available in United States with over 800 games

PlayStation Plus, Sony’s new subscription service, is now available in United States with over 800 games

Sony stated that the most expensive Premium tier will feature “up to” 740 titles from all five PlayStation consoles when it introduced its new tiered PlayStation Plus service in March (and the PlayStation Portable). The business had only released a little more than 100 of the games that would be featured in its top-tier subscription plan as recently as last month.

However, with the launch of PlayStation Plus in the United States today, you now have access to the whole catalogue of titles that Sony is making available to subscribers for download and/or streaming. And that launch list exceeds Sony’s expectations, with roughly 400 PS4/PS5 games (available on the “Extra” tier or higher) and over 460 games from previous system generations (available on the “Premium” tier).

PlayStation Plus features 34 recent-generation games, including a few PS5 exclusives like Returnal and Demon’s Souls, as well as a “enhanced” PS5 edition. There are also 27 games from the main third-party publisher’s “Ubisoft Plus Classics” on the list.

Meanwhile, the Premium tier’s “Classics Catalog” contains hundreds of PS3 games that are only available via streaming (and which Ars’ Sam Machkovech tested at 720p resolution). Many games that were previously only accessible for other consoles will be available for streaming on a PS4, PS5, or PC, as well as direct download on consoles, on this tier.

The PS1 titles available on PlayStation Plus appear to be the original 60 Hz NTSC versions, rather than the slower 50 Hz PAL versions that were released in other areas.

Subscribers to the premium tier also get two-hour game trials for select PS4 and PS5 games. However, the trial period is now incredibly limited, with only 12 games available, including Cyberpunk 2077 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Players who don’t want access to downloadable/streamable games can still join up for the Essential tier, which is similar to the previous PlayStation Plus subscription. Cloud saves, online multiplayer games, and two specially selected game downloads from the PS4/PS5 library are all included in the $59.99 annual subscription.

All new PlayStation Plus tiers come with access to the PlayStation Plus library, which includes 19 PS4 classics that can only be played on PS5 consoles.

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