Philadelphia Eagles icon Jason Kelce announces retirement from NFL

Philadelphia Eagles icon Jason Kelce announces retirement from NFL

Jason Kelce tried to remain formed, but as soon as he sat down at the table to make his announcement—that he would be retiring from the NFL after 13 seasons—he burst into sobs.

The Philadelphia Eagles starter announced his retirement on Monday in the presence of his brother Travis, mother Donna, father Ed, wife Kylie, head coach Nick Sirianni and several others. The center officially ended speculation about whether he would try out for at least one more season.

Kelce played a key role in helping the Eagles overcome a crisis and win the Super Bowl in the 2017 season. He became a hero in Philadelphia when he dressed up as Mama at Philadelphia’s championship parade and gave an epic speech that fans will never forget.

The seven-time Pro Bowler and six-time All-Pro recalled several moments from his days in Cincinnati to being drafted and watching his older brother go to the NFL. He recalled unforgettable moments spent with Sirianni Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, and Doug Pederson throughout his career throughout their tenures.

Rumors of his retirement first surfaced after the Eagles lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Wild Card Round. He was clearly emotional after the match.

“Although last season truly sucked, I wouldn’t trade my team with you or those teams for the world,” Kelce said. “Everything happens for a reason. And I truly enjoyed my time with you coach. Sometimes, the flowers get knocked back a bit but the roots remain. And I can’t wait to watch as it re-blossoms next season.”

He played in his 193 games in his NFL career, which is the second-most in team history. He started 156 consecutive games, a franchise record.

Eagles chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie stated in a statement, “It is difficult to put into words how much Jason Kelce has meant to everyone in this organization, to the City of Philadelphia, and to our fans.” “He gave everything he had to all of us for 13 years, and he did it in a way that was truly authentic. Jason was an incredible football player; a future Hall of Famer who would have been successful anywhere. But has there ever been a more perfect marriage between a player, a city, and a team?

“His grit and determination, from being a walk-on linebacker at Cincinnati to an undersized sixth-round pick in 2011, are unparalleled. His intelligence and versatility, from starting as a rookie center in a lockout season to thriving under multiple coaches and offensive schemes, set him apart from others at his position. The genuine love and care he showed his coaches, teammates, and staff endeared him to all he worked alongside. The passion and intensity that he poured into everything he did, both on and off the field, made a city fall in love.

“Jason stood up for others, overcame injuries, and through the ups and downs of his season and personal career. He’s a man of many talents – having a beer with the fans at a tailgate. I could drink, I could sing on my Christmas album and raise millions for charity, and I could talk all day long about “X” and “O” with my coaches and teammates. I did. talk. If you talk to anyone in the organization about what Jason meant to them, everyone will come up with something different. This shows who he is as a person and how much he values ​​his connections with others.

Kelce and his brother co-host the “New Heights” podcast. He and his wife, Kylie, are parents to three children.

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