Palworld: Where to Use & How to Earn Points for Ancient Technology

Palworld: Where to Use & How to Earn Points for Ancient Technology

Players need to rely on more than just their growing roster of Pals to get through Palworld’s trials and tribulations. Technology plays a key role in ensuring that a base has the greatest equipment possible when it comes to combat or harvesting resources from the surrounding area.

Players can utilise their Technology Points to unlock more complex recipes as they advance in level. Additionally, there are a number of more helpful products that can only be accessed with the more difficult-to-find Ancient Technology Points. Everything you need to know about obtaining Ancient Technology Points and using them in Palworld is covered in this article.

What in Palworld are Ancient Technology Points?

Palworld’s recipe system is divided into two main sections. The first is the standard area, where players can find additional objects that can be crafted and added to base to aid in storage and production. Technology Points are easier to obtain; they are awarded to players upon reaching a higher level through pal capture, fast travel points, and other means.

Conversely, a column of more potent structures and utility items can only be unlocked using Ancient Technology Points. They consist of different feed bags, the Pal Essence Condenser, grapple guns, and more. Because of this, they are not designed to be obtained quickly, and players will need to work hard to obtain this resource.

Getting Points for Old Technology in Palworld

Currently, the sole method available in Palworld for obtaining Ancient Technology Points is to vanquish the different Syndicate bosses situated atop different towers throughout the region. Five Ancient Technology Points can be earned by defeating Zoe and Grizzbolt, who are probably the first opponents that players will face.

It can be difficult to win this war, so be sure you have a strong support system of friends and well-equipped weapons. You are advised to follow this guideline in all of your interactions with Syndicate executives. Players can begin unlocking the exciting new recipes listed in the menu once they have accumulated enough Ancient Technology Points.

Note that the necessary Ancient Civilization Parts are needed for many of these recipes. These can be obtained by taking down the local Alphas that can be located all across the world. Being bigger versions of other Pals that are visible in the game, they are quite simple to identify. After defeating them, players will receive drops of Ancient Civilization Parts, which they can use to make new playthings.


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