Oscar 2023: The RRR song ‘Naatu Naatu’ won the best original song 

Oscar 2023: The RRR song ‘Naatu Naatu’ won the best original song 

The first Indian song to win an Oscar by becoming the hit Telugu-language film RRR’s Naatu Naatu made history.

At the 95th Academy Awards, the hit song prevailed over heavyweights like Lady Gaga and Rihanna to win Best Original Song.

Audiences all over the world have been captivated by its catchy choreography and tempo.

With The Elephant Whisperers, India won a second Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film.

The first Indian production to win in this category is a documentary about a couple who care for an injured baby elephant after it is separated from its herd.

The Elephant Whisperers, which was shot in the picturesque Nilgiri mountains in southern India, examines the warm bond that forms between humans and animals as they begin to coexist.

Naatu Naatu, a pounding song that has thousands grooving to its beats, remains India’s biggest victory.

In January, the song won a Golden Globe for best original song, making it the first Indian song to do so. It also won the Critics’ Choice award for best song that same month.

The song, according to composer MM Keeravani, was “the pride of every Indian” when he accepted the Oscar.

The rest of his speech he sang to the beat of their hit song “Top Of The World,” saying that he had grown up listening to songs by the American band The Carpenters.

When he said that RRR had “put me on the top of the world,” the audience let out a roar of laughter and applause.

Twitter has been used by many Indians to express their joy at the song’s victory.

On Twitter, influential politician N Chandrababu Naidu stated that the song had “sealed its place in history.” He hails from two southern Indian states where Telugu is spoken. “This is probably the finest moment for Indian Cinema and Telugus achieving it is even more special,” he wrote.

The win was hailed as a “surreal moment” by the movie’s official Twitter handle, which also paid tribute to “all our amazing fans across the world.”

One of Naatu Naatu’s singers, Kaala Bhairava, told The Hollywood Reporter when she got to the ceremony that the song was worthy of an award because it was “rooted to its nativity.”

He remarked, “That’s the most beautiful part of the Oscars: people from all over the world coming together, representing their own culture and art forms, and being appreciated by people from other countries and communities.”

The song was also performed by Mr. Bhairava and Rahul Sipligunj, his co-singer, at the ceremony. The audience gave a standing ovation to the pulsating performance.

After the film was released in the United States last year, the upbeat song, which means “Dance, Dance” in Telugu, became a worldwide hit.

The song, which was filmed in front of the picturesque Mariinskyi Palace in Ukraine, features the lead actors from the movie, Ram Charan and Jr. NTR, doing energetic dance moves.

Numerous Instagram reels and dance trends on social media have been influenced by the lively choreography.

SS Rajamouli, the film’s director, told Vanity Fair that he wanted Naatu Naatu to be a “fight scene” in which two freedom fighters use dance to bring a British officer to his knees.

RRR, which stands for “Rise, Roar, Revolt,” is a historical fantasy about two rebels fighting against British rule in India.

One of the most expensive movies in India is the stunning action epic. 150 dancers and 200 crew members worked 12 hours a day to shoot the song itself over 15 days.

The song includes a number of references to folk music and beats that are common in Telugu-speaking states in India.

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