OnePlus Nord 3 arrives with 80W fast charger and a 120Hz screen

OnePlus Nord 3 arrives with 80W fast charger and a 120Hz screen

OnePlus has unveiled the Nord 3, and it’s a huge update over the 2T — to the place where you could favor it over similar opponents. The new mid-range model goes from a 6.4-inch, 90Hz 1080p screen to a 6.7-inch, 120Hz 2,772 x 1,240 screen, promising a significant improvement over its predecessor. You’ll likewise get 80W wired quick charging the organization cases can convey a 60 percent charge in a short time.

In addition, the OnePlus Nord 3 adopts a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor rather than the 2T’s Dimensity 1300, and it now comes with up to 16GB of RAM as opposed to 12GB the year before. The battery is bigger, as well, at 5,000mAh versus 4,500mAh. The device has the same 50MP primary camera as the more expensive OnePlus 11. That won’t beat the very best cameras available, yet it’s really convincing in this cost class. Additionally, you can anticipate a 16MP front camera, a 2MP macro sensor, and an 8MP ultra-wide camera.

This time around, software support is stronger. The Nord 3 will receive four years’ worth of security updates from OnePlus, while the 2T received only two major OS updates. That is not quite as broad concerning the OnePlus 11 or opponents like Samsung, yet it actually implies your telephone will probably stay forward-thinking until you’re prepared to supplant it.

OnePlus is taking Nord 3 pre-arranges today, beginning at €449 ($488) for 8GB of Slam and 128GB of stockpiling. You can get 256GB of storage and 16GB of RAM for €549 ($597). Right now, however, it’s simply ready to arrive at 16 European Association nations as well as key business sectors like India. Since OnePlus only sells its entry-level Nord N-series in the United States, it is not surprising that the phone won’t be released there. As of this writing, it also won’t be available in the United Kingdom. Last week, a spokesperson told Tech Advisor that it was unable to offer the Nord 3 and other phones online due to “logistical challenges” with customs. A UK debut might still happen, but not right away.

Whether it’s a good deal in comparison to the Google Pixel 7a or Samsung Galaxy A54 depends on what’s most important to you. While OnePlus’ display, camera hardware, and memory are among the best in this category, Google typically produces better real-world photos and provides a “pure” Android interface with more frequent updates. Samsung, on the other hand, offers more updates, better secondary cameras, and tighter integration with its ecosystem than OnePlus.

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