On May 16, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include a new game

On May 16, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will include a new game

Beginning on Tuesday, May 16, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play FIFA 23 in its entirety. Xbox Game Pass Extreme gives endorsers admittance to all the vanilla Game Pass games, exceptional advantages, and the advantages related with Xbox Live Gold, in addition to it accompanies all the EA Play titles too.

At a certain point in time, EA Play was a different membership on Xbox. EA Play would eventually be incorporated into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, significantly increasing the value of Xbox’s most expensive subscription service. The ability to play games on the day they are released is a major selling point of Game Pass. However, while EA Play offers free trials for its upcoming games, it does not immediately grant its subscribers unrestricted access to the games.

EA games are typically added to the EA Play catalog over a period of six months to a year, as is the case with FIFA 23. FIFA 23 will officially be included in the EA Play catalog on May 16, making it available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Since FIFA 23 is the most recent game in EA’s long-running and immensely popular FIFA series, it ought to be an important addition to the Game Pass Ultimate library.

The announcement that FIFA 23 will be available on May 16 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides a more precise picture of what fans can anticipate from the service in the second half of the month. Even though Microsoft has provided information about all of the upcoming Xbox Game Pass games for the first half of May 2023, the second half of the month probably won’t be revealed until early next week. However, fans have been informed of the release date in previous announcements.

On May 23, Xbox Game Pass is adding new horror game Amnesia: The Bunker, while Railway Empire 2 and the console version of Cassette Beasts will be available on May 25.

Finally, on May 30th, Farworld Pioneers will be added to Game Pass. These four games are Xbox Game Pass’s first games, and even though FIFA 23 hasn’t been released since September, it should still be a significant addition to the service.

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