Nintendo offers Pikmin Finder, a free Pikmin AR game for mobile devices

Nintendo offers Pikmin Finder, a free Pikmin AR game for mobile devices

Pikmin Finder is an augmented reality (AR) browser game that Nintendo has released for mobile devices. Pikmin Finder’s launch is timed to the current Nintendo Live event in Seattle, which runs through September 4th.

Any mobile device can access the Pikmin Finder. Players will receive instructions on how to set up the interactive experience just by going to the page via any browser. The game’s scope and gameplay are rather constrained and basic.

The mobile device’s camera is used by the game for augmented reality features. Once activated, users can look around them for Pikmin that have dug themselves out of the ground. They can be removed by players by swiping the screen. Players can utilise Pikmin to look for treasure, including a cake, once they have located a sufficient number of them.

Additionally, you can capture pictures of their Pikmin and the loot they’ve collected.

The continued collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic allowed for the game’s creation. Given Niantic’s involvement in and familiarity with AR, it provides functionality similar to that of Pikmin Bloom.

Nintendo Live is probably to blame for Pikmin Finder’s abrupt release. The organisation probably created the interactive experience to keep participants busy while they waited in queue at the Seattle event.

Though it might not be the must-try activity this summer, it is at least entertaining for five minutes.


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