NFL Declares Indianapolis Will Host 2025 Combine

NFL Declares Indianapolis Will Host 2025 Combine

At least one more year will see the NFL Scouting Combine held in Indianapolis.

The league announced Indianapolis as the site of the 2025 NFL Scouting Combine, according to a January 18 report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

On X (previously Twitter), Rapoport said, “Indianapolis will host the NFL Scouting Combine in 2025, striking a 1-year extension.”

Rapoport tweeted a link to the league’s press release announcing the one-year agreement.

NFL executive vice president Peter O’Reilly stated, “We are excited to continue partnering with Visit Indy, the Indianapolis Colts, and our local partners for the event in 2025. Indianapolis has a storied history with the NFL Combine.” “The city has continued to innovate and help us evolve both the setup for the football evaluation process as well as growing the in-person experience for football fans in the region and across the city.”

Since 1987, Indianapolis has served as the host city for the NFL combine. Due to Indianapolis’ indoor facilities and its central location in the nation, the tradition was established there.

The league combine was hosted at the Colts’ former home, the RCA Dome, until Lucas Oil Stadium opened in 2008.

There has been discussion in more recent years about the combine travelling to other cities, similar to the NFL draft and Super Bowl.

Just as Indianapolis has an NFL combine legacy, the NFL draft once had a New York City link. From 1965 to 2014, every NFL draft took place in New York.

However, since the NFL draft began travelling the nation in 2015, other towns have had the chance to host the biggest offseason event in the league.

The NFL combine may be moved around to achieve the same result. However, there has been a strong opposition from Indianapolis supporters, especially Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, to abandoning their NFL combine custom.

When the league revealed in May 2022 that the Combine will stay in Indianapolis for 2023 and 2024, Irsay commented, “Indianapolis is a city built to host major sporting events, and I’m proud the Combine will continue to stay in our city.”

Indianapolis’ combine streak will last for at least 39 years, according to the league’s announcement on Thursday.

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