Next week, Twitter integration for the PS4 and PS5 will be removed by Sony

Next week, Twitter integration for the PS4 and PS5 will be removed by Sony

On Monday, November 13, Sony will stop integrating Twitter with its PlayStation systems, following in the footsteps of Xbox and Blizzard’s earlier this year announcements.

Gamers may easily share screenshots, videos, Trophy achievements, and other content on social media thanks to the operating system’s long-standing interface with Twitter (or X, if you must). Regretfully, it’s going to end soon.

On its support page, Sony stated that the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 systems’ connectivity with X “will no longer function as of November 13, 2023.” This includes posting and viewing material, achievements, and other gameplay-related actions on X straight from PS5/PS4 (or linking an X account to do so). It also includes the ability to see any content published on X on PS5/PS4.

Although PlayStation consoles will no longer allow Twitter/X integration, Sony does point users towards two further help pages that describe other ways to share captures. For example, the PlayStation App for the PS5 allows users to save screenshots to a device, share them on social media, or share them with people on a friends list or at parties.

The reason for the impending removal of Twitter/X integration is not stated in Sony’s announcement, but it’s most likely connected to the social media network’s decision earlier this year to charge high fees for the use of its API; Sony would have to pay roughly $42,000 USD per month as a result of this move.

Blizzard removed Twitter integration from World of Warcraft in February of this year, shortly after it was announced that access to the social media site’s API would no longer be free. Microsoft stopped the ability to send captures from Xbox consoles and PC to Twitter/X in April.


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