NCAA Wrestling Championships: Where Each Wrestler in the Top 5 is Seeded

NCAA Wrestling Championships: Where Each Wrestler in the Top 5 is Seeded

The 2024 NCAA Wrestling Championships will be place in the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri, on March 21–23. The highly anticipated tournament will feature the top-ranked Division I wrestlers in the NCAA vying for a National Championship.

The tournament’s brackets for this year were formally unveiled, and some of the seeds—like Carter Starocci, the three-time national champion from Penn State, at No. 9—have drawn attention.

Vito Arujau of Cornell, who is ranked No. 2 in the 133 weight class, was seeded sixth, adding his name to the list of the most unexpected seeding in this year’s NCAA Wrestling Championships.

2024 NCAA Wrestling Championships: Ranked Wrestlers

The NCAA Wrestling Championship brackets are now available! Here is a peek at this year’s tournament bracket featuring the top NCAA ranked wrestlers.

Complete NCAA D1 Wrestler Rankings List-

NCAA Wrestling Championships 125 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Braeden Davis, PSU, 19-2
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.3) Luke Stanich, LEH, 19-3
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.2) Drake Ayala, IOWA, 23-4
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.4) Matt Ramos, PUR, 25-5
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.7) Jore Volk, WYO, 23-6

NCAA Wrestling Championships 133 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.3) Daton Fix, OKST, 17-0
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.1) Ryan Crookham, LEH, 18-0
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.6) Kai Orine, NCST, 15-2
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.4) Dylan Shawver, RUT, 22-5
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.5) Dylan Ragusin, MICH, 24-2

NCAA Wrestling Championships 141 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Jesse Mendez, OHST, 25-2
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.2) Beau Bartlett, PSU, 19-1
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.3) Real Woods, IOWA, 18-3
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.4) Ryan Jack, NCST, 18-3
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.5) Anthony Echemendia, ISU, 20-4

NCAA Wrestling Championships 149 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Ridge Lovett, NEB, 24-1
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.2) Kyle Parco, ASU, 21-3
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.3) Jackson Arrington, NCST, 18-3
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.3) Caleb Henson, VT, 25-2
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.6) Ty Watters, WVU, 25-4

NCAA Wrestling Championships 157 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Levi Haines, PSU, 18-0
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.2) Jacori Teemer, ASU, 21-3
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.3) Meyer Shapiro, COR, 23-2
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.9) Ed Scott, NCST, 21-5
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.4) Ryder Downey, UNI, 20-4

NCAA Wrestling Championships 165 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Keegan O`toole, MIZZ, 19-0
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.4) Mitchell Mesenbrink, PSU, 21-0
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.3) Julian Ramirez, COR, 22-2
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.2) David Carr, ISU, 22-2
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.5) Dean Hamiti, WIS, 26-2

NCAA Wrestling Championships 174 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.2) Mekhi Lewis, VT, 15-0
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.4) Cade Devos, SDSU, 23-1
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.5) Edmond Ruth, ILL, 22-2
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.3) Shane Griffith, MICH, 14-3
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.9) Philip Conigliaro, HAR, 24-3

NCAA Wrestling Championships 184 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Parker Keckeisen, UNI, 26-0
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.3) Isaiah Salazar, MINN, 21-1
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.2) Dustin Plott, OKST, 27-3
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.4) Trey Munoz, ORST, 19-3
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.6) Lenny Pinto, NEB, 22-4

NCAA Wrestling Championships 197 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Aaron Brooks, PSU, 17-0
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.2) Trent Hidlay, NCST, 24-0
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.3) Tanner Sloan, SDSU, 23-1
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.4) Michael Beard, LEH, 26-1
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.5) Jacob Cardenas, COR, 22-6

NCAA Wrestling Championships 285 Weight Class

  • (No.1 Seed/ Rank No.1) Greg Kerkvliet, PSU, 15-0
  • (No.2 Seed/ Rank No.2 Yonger Bastida, ISU, 24-0
  • (No.3 Seed/ Rank No.3) Wyatt Hendrickson, AF, 22-1
  • (No.4 Seed/ Rank No.4 ) Cohlton Schultz, ASU, 9-1
  • (No.5 Seed/ Rank No.6) Nathan Taylor, LEH, 23-3

When Is 2024’s NCAA Wrestling Tournament First Round Scheduled?

At 12 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, the opening round starts.

The second round starts at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 21.

How to Watch the 2024 NCAA Wrestling Championships

From March 21 to 23, all of the matches from the 2024 NCAA Wrestling Division One Championships will air on ESPNU/ESPN+.


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