NASA Plus: What Is It? Everything You Should Know About The First On-Demand Streaming Service From The Space Agency

The new streaming service NASA+ is already available, according to a Thursday announcement from the US space agency NASA.

A new era of original content from the space agency for the benefit of all is being ushered in by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which announced the launch of its first on-demand streaming service and updated app.

“These new digital platforms are the landing place of original video series, live launch coverage, kids’ content, Spanish-language programming, and the latest news as NASA continues to improve life on Earth through innovation, exploration, and discovery,” the agency said in a statement.

According to the space agency, NASA+ is a family-friendly, free, and ad-free streaming service.

Through the NASA App on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, as well as on streaming media players Roku and Apple TV, NASA+ may be downloaded on the majority of key platforms.

What’s On NASA+ Interesting Watching?

Through collections of original video series, including new series that debut on the streaming service, users will have access to NASA’s Emmy Award-winning live coverage and hints into NASA’s missions.

Everybody may start viewing original NASA+ material on Thursday, which includes:

  • A second series that shows the world’s most powerful space telescope from lab to launch, and a documentary series that tracks every image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Children’s animated shows about planets, cosmic secrets, and extraterrestrial realms A television series featuring the life tales of Black astronauts with NASA
  • A television series featuring the life tales of Black astronauts with NASA
  • a show that takes viewers behind the scenes when scientists attempt to return the first sample of an asteroid from America
  • Stunningly clear images of the cosmos accompanied with an eerie music
  • Spanish-language content, such as children’s climate lessons and a series featuring Hispanic and Latino NASA staff

Additionally, NASA+ will provide live event coverage via streaming so that everyone on the planet can watch in real time when the agency launches astronauts and science experiments into space, with the goal of sending the first woman and person of colour to the Moon.

According to NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy, “NASA is a leader in the federal government for creating inspirational content that meets people where they are.”

“I am excited we have created a powerful trifecta with the recently revamped NASA website, the launch of NASA+, and the updated NASA App that showcases the many benefits our data can have for all humanity,” he stated.

NASA app’s new updates in

  • Complete on-demand video access with NASA+
  • Cloud push notifications
  • Notifications and sightings of the International Space Station that let people watch it go overhead
  • The capability to explore and share the best-rated photos, as well as rate them
  • Users can examine, rotate, and magnify 3D models of NASA spacecraft, rovers, and rockets using augmented reality.

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