More PlayStation games will be released for PC, according to Sony

More PlayStation games will be released for PC, according to Sony

Sony has revealed that more PlayStation games will be available on PC within the next year or so.

A portion of Sony’s fiscal year 2022 consolidated earnings report, which opens in a new tab, contains information regarding PC launches. Sony says it will keep “rolling out catalogue titles for PC,” but it didn’t say when these PC releases would come out.

Is this a significant surprise? It is not, no. However, since the last PlayStation-made game sent off on PC recently (The Remainder of Us Section 1), Sony has been mum on the chance of additional PlayStation special features, both on PS4 and PS5, taking the leap from control center to PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and other previously exclusive games have all made their PC debuts by this point. The Remainder of Us Part 1’s send off was seemingly PlayStation’s most terrible PC deliveries to date, sadly, as the port was tormented with bugs and other specialized issues.

This comment opens the door for PlayStation fans to continue speculating about a PC port. Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is one game that has been rumored to be ported for fans for a long time. However, Sony has never confirmed this, with a box art change in June of last year only hinting at a PC port.

After a game’s initial release, Sony typically delays porting it to the PC for several years. The main special case for this has been The Remainder of Us Section 1, which required generally a portion of a year to show up on PC, however was constantly charged as coming to PC since it was first reported before in 2022.

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