Microsoft rolling out its Bing chatbot to your fingertips with SwiftKey on Android

Microsoft rolling out its Bing chatbot to your fingertips with SwiftKey on Android

Microsoft’s well-liked SwiftKey keyboard for Android now includes Bing Chat AI. Users of the SwiftKey Beta can now quickly access Microsoft’s Bing chatbot in any app by simply tapping a button on Wednesday.

SwiftKey’s integration with Bing Chat includes two modes: the standard chat mode, which gives users access to the chatbot, and the tone mode, which rewrites any text on the keyboard. If you’re willing to install and use SwiftKey everywhere, this new integration makes the Bing mobile app somewhat redundant if you were only using it to access the chatbot.

You will need to download the beta version of SwiftKey from the Google Play Store in order to use this brand-new Bing Chat integration. Pedram Rezaei, Microsoft’s CTO of portable and business, affirmed on Twitter that the element is “slowly rolling out,” yet there’s no word on when SwiftKey iOS clients will actually want to give it a shot.

Last year, Microsoft stopped supporting SwiftKey on iOS, but the app quickly returned to the App Store. Rezaei stated at the time that Microsoft will be “investing heavily in the keyboard” as the company prepared to launch an AI-powered Bing version to the public.

Despite the fact that the iOS version of SwiftKey hasn’t been updated often, Microsoft’s AI push will probably soon see this Bing integration on the iPhone keyboard side. Microsoft could likewise be answering rivalry from various computer based intelligence fueled consoles on iOS that incorporate ChatGPT mix. The iOS version of Paragraph AI is already gaining popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface, which allows you to generate text anywhere.

Following the meteoric rise in the popularity of the third-party keyboard on Android and iOS, Microsoft initially purchased SwiftKey in 2016. It was the second best Android console in The Edge’s gathering in 2015, because of its following, autocorrect, and subject help.

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