Microsoft rolling out Bing AI contextual chat, widget on Android and iOS

Microsoft rolling out Bing AI contextual chat, widget on Android and iOS

Microsoft is improving the Bing AI experience on Android and iOS with a number of new updates, including a new homescreen widget.

Reported in a blog entry today, Microsoft revealed that Bing is getting a homescreen gadget on both Android and iOS. Using the keyboard or your voice, users will be able to launch Bing itself or use the AI chat experience with the new widget. It’s a nice addition that comes ahead of Google, which is working on a similar Bard widget.

The ability to continue your conversation with the AI chatbot across desktop and mobile instances is also being added to the mobile version of the Bing app. This will not be completely programmed, however – clients should utilize a QR code to move the discussion. This will be accessible to all clients “within the next week.”

SwiftKey will also be supported by Microsoft, allowing users to use Bing’s AI to compose messages.

Bing AI’s new ability to use contextual information from webpages viewed in Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android is even more exciting. Bing is now able to see the page you’re using and provide additional context for questions, as well as the ability to provide a summary of that page upon request. Select text works as well with this.

Microsoft explains:

With Bing Chat in the Edge mobile app, you can simply tap on the Chat icon on the bottom navigation bar and ask what wine would pair best with the recipe you’re viewing. You can also ask follow-up questions until you have exactly what you need. With this feature, while reading an article or document online, you can also tap the Bing Chat icon and ask Chat to summarize the content for you – so you can get info quicker while you’re on the go!

In addition, new “Witty” and “Funny” tones for the AI in SwiftKey, translator integration in SwiftKey, and Bing AI are now available in all Skype group chats in the most recent platform updates to Bing.

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