Long-form videos can now be spliced into YouTube Shorts

Long-form videos can now be spliced into YouTube Shorts

In a blog post today, YouTube revealed that creators of YouTube Shorts would soon be able to incorporate video clips from billions of YouTube videos in new Shorts.

Previously, makers in YouTube Shorts, the company’s TikTok clone, could only splice short audio samples from other videos on the platform. Users can now clip 1- to 5-second portions from qualified long-form videos and Shorts to utilise in new short-form material, thanks to the most recent upgrade.

The original video is credited via a link when a new Short is generated with a clip from an existing short. The library of videos available for remixing is extensive, yet artists can opt out of having their work remixed, and movies with a copyright claim or that are set to private cannot be sampled. iOS users will get the video remixing tool in the coming weeks, with Android users getting it later this year.

YouTube Shorts is expanding remixing as a response to popular TikTok features like Stitch and viral audio-based trends. However, allowing creators to exploit YouTube’s library of billions of videos is a huge step that might allow them to benefit if their original content goes viral or is heavily modified by others.

YouTube also announced today that Shorts will be available on the web and tablets in the coming weeks, with a new Shorts tab emerging on all devices.

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