Kid Cudi’s New Moon Man Series Will Be His First Comic Book Debut

Kid Cudi’s New Moon Man Series Will Be His First Comic Book Debut

Kid Cudi is stepping into the comic book industry! The rapper and Image Comics are working together to write the science fiction epic “Moon Man.”

Cudi (actual name Scott Mescudi) revealed at New York Comic Con that he is co-creating a new comic book series with Kyle Higgins (“Radiant Black”), Marco Locati (“Heavy Metal”), and Igor Monti (“Inferno Girl Red”). Cudi will co-write “Moon Man.” He most recently co-wrote and acted in the Netflix animated special “Entergalactic,” which was also the title of a music album he simultaneously released in 2022.

In the comic, astronaut Ramon Townsend becomes famous for saving his crewmates during a voyage to the moon where disaster was nearly averted, according to a first peek published by Entertainment Weekly. Ramon will undergo changes and acquire new abilities, however more of what happens on the moon to him than is given to the world, as a result of his growing popularity back on Earth.

“What we specialize in and pride ourselves on is building very relatable, contemporary superheroes for the 2020s with great aesthetics and style that have something to say and push the boundaries of the medium,” Higgins tells Entertainment Weekly. “As Ramon’s powers grow and he tries to change the world, readers will watch what that means and what happens as a result. This is very much our Miracleman for 2024.”

Kid Cudi showed excitement about entering the comic book industry at New York Comic Con, where he also debuted a “Star Trek” song. He assured attendees that reading “Moon Man” will be a distinctive experience.

“This might be one of the top three coolest things I’ve ever been a part of,” he stated during NYCC. “This story is something that took a lot of love from everyone involved. I promise you this comic will be unlike anything you’ve read before. To each and every person that picks up a copy and shows support in January — I love you more than you can imagine.”

In association with Kyle Higgins’ Black Market Narrative, Cudi’s production business, Mad Solar, and Image Comics, “Moon Man” will be released.”Moon Man” by Kid Cudi is a reference to his “Man on the Moon” album trilogy. His first studio album, “Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” had a “The New Mutants” cover created by renowned comic book illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz. For “Moon Man” #1, Sienkwicz will create a variant, while the covers for the first issue also feature work from Marco Locati, Christian Ward, and Rod Reis. Check out the cover of Reis below.

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