JUMPBY2 Singapore Creates Crowd Funding Campaign For HUGSKii

JUMPBY2 Singapore came up with a new crowd funding campaign for  HUGSKii. This is an advanced version of the weighted blanket that comes packed with several features to enhance comfort and sleep.

[Singapore] dated November 27th, 2020: JUMPBY2 Singapore is one of the top company that has created several products. They have now kickstarted a new fundraiser campaign for their new and advanced product called HUGSKii.

The HUGSKii is an improved version of the weighted blanket. It helps in maintaining the pressure stimulation feature of weighted blankets. At the same time, it has the power to transform from a blanket to bolster.

As per different research that has been conducted, a good cuddle is sure to increase the secretion of oxytocin. This hormone helps in blocking the pain signals and using this advanced blanket can aid in getting relief from pain. HUGSKii can aid in relieving tension and at the same time, it will improve the blood circulation as well.

The bolster cover comes in the kind of design that helps in containing the blanket inside and ensuring that there is no change in the shape of the bolster. It comes with a strong elasticity and good fabricability as well. Not only this, the cover comes with a lock as well which ensures enhanced security. The fabric is breathable and smooth at the same time.

The developers have made sure to take into account all the important points while designing this weighted blanket. They are optimistic that their design will fetch them plenty of buyers because more and more people are seeking ways by which they can enjoy a comfortable sleep. There are several perks associated with this advanced weighted blanket and the company is optimistic that people are sure to appreciate the endless advantages that it has to offer.

So many people these days are worried about the lack of prowler and adequate sleep and this in turn creates stress in the body. With the help of this advanced design, people will be able to enjoy a relaxed body and mind. This is sure to aid in much better and improved sleep.

This company is mainly known for bringing in the much needed innovation and apart from coming up with new ideas and design, the company works avidly on improving the existing ones too. This is why they came up with an advanced version of this weighted blanket and with the new fundraiser campaign, they are hopeful that they will soon be able to launch this new advanced bolster blanket too.

Those who would like to contribute to the fundraiser campaign and want to make sure that this weighted blanket is launched soon and helps out people with sleep issues, they can do their part by visiting https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/–171254/coming_soon

About JUMPBY2 Singapore

JUMPBY2 Singapore mainly works in the field of helping improve sleep habits and awareness. The company develops several new products based on the lines of innovation and also strive to improve the existing ones too.

Contact information

Contact Person: Rayden

Contact Number: +65 96702141

Email Id: Info@jumpby2.com

Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/–171254/coming_soon

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