In which country, McDonald’s will now provide the wedding catering

In which country, McDonald’s will now provide the wedding catering

There is now a new option for the wedding feast for some lovers of the Chicken McNugget: Catering for weddings is McDonald’s Indonesia.

“McD’ers, let’s make the wedding moment more memorable with Wedding Mekdi package!” McDonald’s Indonesia said in an Instagram post reporting the new contribution.

Brides and grooms can purchase a McDonald’s wedding package for approximately $230, which includes 100 orders of four-piece Chicken McNuggets and 100 Chicken Burgers.

That amounts to roughly $1.15 per container of burgers or McNuggets. Normally, when bought exclusively a solitary request of four McNuggets costs $1.72 and a chicken burger costs $2.11.

The wedding package’s menu items would cost $326 if purchased separately. Couples save generally $96 by purchasing the wedding bundle, as indicated by Mcdonald’s. According to McDonald’s, additional choices include apple pies and chicken fingers. Specifically, the wedding catering package does not include french fries, which are currently unavailable outside of Indonesia.

Orders of at least 200 meals must be placed by couples. McDonald’s will try and set up a slow down at weddings for the individuals who need the inexpensive food chain to be essential for their important day.

Starting around 2021, there were approximately 250 McDonald’s eateries in Indonesia, as per the organization.

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