Ikea releases 3 affordable smart home sensors

Ikea releases 3 affordable smart home sensors

Ikea unveiled a new range of three cheap smart sensors today that are capable of spotting water leaks, motion, and the state of an entry point. The sensors will be on sale in January, but depending on your location and the type of sensor you’re searching for, you might have to wait until July.

The most notable feature of these sensors is their expected cost of less than $10 apiece. For those who are interested in smart home monitoring, this could be a game-changer because it might now be affordable to install sensors throughout a whole house without going over budget.

The motion sensor, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, will be the first sensor to hit the market. When motion is detected, the Vallhorn sensor has the ability to immediately turn on lights. The colour and intensity of the lights can also be adjusted by users to suit their tastes.

Ikea intends to release a touch sensor named Parasoll for smart home security. The rather thin, two-part sensor can alert users to the opening of a point of entry. Use of this with doors and windows is perfect.

Considering Ikea’s affordable prices, consumers may be able to install a sensor on every access point in their homes, making it the most exciting sensor of the group. No alternative is currently as affordable as Ikea’s new sensor, despite the fact that there are several similar products on the market.

That leaves the impending Badring liquid detection sensor from Ikea. This is a simple sensor that, hopefully, you won’t need to use frequently, but if you do, it might save you a great deal of money and trouble. If water is detected after you set this sensor next to a water source, such as the floor of a laundry room, it will alert you and sound an alarm. Theoretically, this enables you to halt the leak before additional irreversible water damage occurs.

Each of the three sensors is intended to function with Ikea’s $69.00 Dirigera smart home hub. Without the hub, the sensors’ functionality is still possible, but it is restricted. For instance, the water sensor doesn’t need to be linked to a hub in order to sound an alarm. On the other hand, wireless alerts need the hub.

All three gadgets can also be used with Google Home thanks to the Dirigera smart home hub. Ikea hasn’t yet issued the planned update to Dirigera that would allow the standard, therefore matter support is still pending.

“Over time, our entire smart product range will support Matter via our DIRIGERA hub, which will serve as a Matter bridge – an entry and connection point to Matter products,” an Ikea customer service page reads.

After revealing these three new sensors, Ikea was questioned about Matter’s state and informed The Verge that it “decided to delay this functionality.” In addition, the company promised to provide updates “when it’s time.”

The new sensors are priced at €9.99 or less in Europe, and they should all cost less than $10 in the United States, though the exact price has not yet been announced. In January, Vallhorn will be accessible in the United States and Europe, whilst Parasoll will make its debut in January in Europe and April in the United States. At last, Badring will be available in Europe in April and the United States in July.


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