How to watch Braves games on TV in 2024—with and without cable: The Complete Guide to Streaming

How to watch Braves games on TV in 2024—with and without cable: The Complete Guide to Streaming

The Atlanta Braves are all set to start their quest of another World Series championship following a lengthy and successful offseason. Chris Sale, Jarred Kelenic, and Reynaldo Lopez are fresh additions to the Braves, who now have maybe the best squad in the game from top to bottom. Braves fans will want to know how to watch games in order to avoid missing anything because this squad is likely to do something amazing on any given day.

The Braves 2024 schedule for TV broadcasts should be noted because, when it comes to where games are really aired, Atlanta usually switches between networks. This information is subject to change because programming on a channel is frequently changed, and some games may or may not be moved to various broadcasts, including national ones.

These are some tips for watching the Braves in 2024, now that the disclaimers have been addressed.

How to watch the Braves on cable in 2024

Bally Sports Southeast, which covers the bulk of the southeast, will broadcast the great majority of Braves games. As an obvious exception, Florida is particularly difficult to view local broadcasts due to stupid blackout regulations affecting the Rays and Marlins there. It is yet unknown which games will be played where, but when information about each Braves game becomes available, it will be included on this page. Basically, if you’re unsure, tune in to your local Bally Sports South or Southeast channel.

Atlanta has already been scheduled to appear on several national baseball broadcasts. There are a few games scheduled for FS1 and Fox simultaneously, and through May, at least three Braves games will be televised on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Lastly, our old friend TBS still occasionally broadcasts baseball nationally and may even feature a few games; but, those particular games are still a mystery at this moment.


Braves Coverage Area

Bally Sports South/Southeast

Most of the southeast US except Florida

FS1 or Fox

Nationwide (select games)


Nationwide (select games)


Nationwide (select games)

The Braves Radio Network covers most of the southeast as well, but the specific station varies from place to place for those who would rather listen to the broadcast on the radio or who just so happen to be traveling during a Braves game. Make sure to check your local listings for 680 The Fan, or simply utilize the 680 The Fan app to stream online straight from there.

How to watch the 2024 Braves games without cable

For those who have chosen to cut their cords, there are still solutions available to you, but there will be a cost. Braves games can be streamed on several platforms, including DirectTV Stream, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and Youtube TV.

The only two of those services that carry Bally Sports South are DirectTV Stream and fuboTV, which is significant if you want to watch a lot of Braves games. While Hulu, Sling, and Youtube TV are only helpful for the nationally televised Braves games, fuboTV lacks TBS.

How to watch the Braves on FuboTV

If you’ve cut the cord and want to watch live local and regional programs, including Braves broadcasts, fuboTV is a terrific alternative (except from the absence of TBS). Although its basic plan costs $79.99 per month, it’s a terrific alternative to cable and a great deal when compared to the cost of complete cable bundles these days.

How to watch the Braves on Apple TV

There aren’t any Braves games scheduled to air on Apple TV or Amazon TV right now. That might quickly alter, though, as three Braves games were added to Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV in March of last year. There won’t be a really large selection of MLB games.

How to order MLB Extra Innings/MLB TV

MLB TV might also be an excellent choice for the many Braves fans who live outside of their market. Blackout limits apply (please remove them), but if you can afford it, it’s a terrific choice for those who live outside of the southeast US. It costs $29.99 per month or $129.99 per year for a single team.

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