How to find eggs in Palworld and build an egg incubator

How to find eggs in Palworld and build an egg incubator

You’ll come across eggs soon after loading into Palworld. These varying-sized, multi-piece eggs can be found anywhere. You’ll need an egg incubator beforehand, but as expected, there are Pals to hatch inside these eggs.

Generally speaking, we describe how eggs operation, where to find them, and how to build an incubator below.


Over the map, there are designated spawn places where you can locate eggs. Eventually, another egg will respawn in the spot where you picked up the first one. There are hundreds of eggs scattered around the area, which you may locate using an interactive map tool.

The eggs that respawn at the point are random, thus one day you might discover a soggy egg in a spot, and the next, you might find a lush egg.

It should be noted that eggs are available in three sizes: regular, large, and huge. Larger eggs do weigh more.

Once you reach level 19 and have access to the breeding farm, you can also breed your friends. They will lay an egg once they have paired up two Pals of the opposing sex and fed them cake.


You will need an egg incubator for the eggs to hatch. To get the formula for an egg incubator, you must be at least level seven and have an Ancient Technology Point (acquired by defeating bosses like Zoe and Grizzbolt or the big Chillet on the map).

Once the recipe is unlocked, you can use 10 Paldium fragments, 5 fabric, 30 stone, and 2 parts from an ancient civilization to construct the egg incubator. The pieces, like the points, can be obtained by defeating bosses.

You can put whatever eggs you find in your incubator once it’s set up, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you remove the egg from the incubator after it has begun, the incubation timer will rerun.
  • If the temperature is comfortable for the eggs, they will hatch more quickly. Frozen eggs prefer a lower temperatures, whereas scorching eggs want a higher one. To accommodate the eggs, build campfires or other devices that can change temperature.
  • The size of the egg, the comfort level described earlier, and your server settings will all affect how long an egg takes to hatch. No egg should take more than two hours to hatch at maximum in normal mode, however you can adjust this in your options.
  • Every egg you hatch will produce a level one buddy.


In Palworld, every element has a corresponding egg that hatches into a Pal of that sort. For instance, you might get a Celaray or a Fuack after hatching a moist egg.

The various types of eggs correspond with the following elements:

  • Scorching egg: Fire
  • Verdant egg: Grass
  • Rocky egg: Ground
  • Electric egg: Electric
  • Damp egg: Water
  • Frozen egg: Ice
  • Dragon egg: Dragon
  • Dark egg: Dark
  • Common egg: Neutral

The Pal within the egg will be “rarer” the larger it is. The reason I put quotes around rare is that it’s more of a late-game Pal than a rare one with a low spawn rate. For instance, if a massive green egg hatches, it might produce a Mammorest, who is often only visible on the world after a player reaches the mid-level 30s, however they are frequently spotted wandering around.

Having said that, hatching large eggs is a great strategy to acquire some later-game friends at an early stage.


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