How to connect a PlayStation 5 Controller to any device

How to connect a PlayStation 5 Controller to any device

The Sony DualSense controller for PlayStation 5 is a versatile controller that is pleasantly compatible with a surprising number of devices. If you currently own a DualSense controller, you may use a straightforward procedure to gain access to a variety of capabilities on almost any device, including the finest gaming PCs.

Even while it performs best when paired with the PS5, the PS5 controller is excellent when used with PC, Mac, and even mobile Android and iOS devices. It enables the fluid gameplay you would expect from any high-end controller.

How to connect your PS5 to a DualSense controller

Using the USB-C connector that came with your console, your PS5 controller will connect with a hitch.

1. Start your PS5 up

Making sure your PS5 is turned on is the first step. You can do this by pressing the console’s power button, which is located at the top (far left if held horizontally). You can move on to the following step once your console is turned on.

2. Connect your controller to the game console

To connect your controller to the console, you will need a USB C cable. The cable that comes with the PS5 console is what we advise using. Connect your cord to the USB port on the front of your console and the port on top of your controller.

3. To turn on it, press the PS button on your controller

Pressing the PlayStation logo button in the centre of your controller will turn it on after it is connected in. At this point, the PlayStation 5 should to identify the device and let you use the console’s UI.

Connecting more game controllers to the PS5

Additional controllers can be wirelessly connected with your linked controller using that connection. This is ideal for situations where your PS5’s USB ports are already fully utilised.

Make certain the controller you are pairing is off

Check your controller’s light bar before pairing. If the light bar is on, you can turn it off by pressing and holding the centre PS logo button.

Open the PS5 settings and select Bluetooth Accessories

Navigate to the top right corner of the PS5 home screen to access Settings. Once there, select “accessories,” then “general,” and then “Bluetooth Accessories.”

Hold down both the PS logo and the create buttons at once

Turn on your PS5 controller by pressing down on the PlayStation logo when you’re on the Bluetooth Accessories page and waiting for the light to come on. then check “Accessories Found” on your TV for it. Choose it while the DualSense controller is already plugged in.

How to connect a PS5 controller to Windows PC

Most Windows PC devices can connect to the controller using a wired USB-C connection. Your PC will identify the controller as an acceptable gamepad as soon as you plug it into an accessible USB port. With minimal setup, the PS5 controller may also use Bluetooth. Here’s how to establish a Bluetooth connection.

Open your PC’s Settings page and select the “Devices” section

You should check that Bluetooth is turned on. This will enable your computer to identify compatible gadgets and create a Bluetooth wireless connection with them. You can also buy a Bluetooth adapter if your computer does not already support Bluetooth support.

Hold down both the PS logo and the create button continuously until the light bar blinks

Your controller will enter pairing mode as a result, and you’ll be able to see it in the list of compatible devices. You must go through this step again if you choose to pair your PS5 controller with another device because it can only connect to one device at a time.

To start looking for compatible devices, select “Add Bluetooth or other device” and then select the “Bluetooth” option

Your computer will start scanning the air for devices that it can wirelessly couple with using Bluetooth. Your PS5 controller can take a while to appear.

Choose “DualSense Wireless Controller” from the computer’s list of devices

Once it does, choose your controller from the list of compatible devices. Once your gadget is ready for usage, your computer should confirm. After that, simply click Done to use your PC’s controller!

How to connect a PlayStation 5 controller to a Mac

When connected to a USB port on your Mac, a PS5 controller should be recognised as a gamepad, just like it would on a PC. The procedure for connecting over Bluetooth, if you are not utilising a cable connection, will be similar:

  • Hold down both the PS logo and the create button continuously until the light bar blinks.
  • Open the Apple menu on your Mac, select System Settings, and then select Bluetooth from the sidebar.
  • Click Connect after choosing the DualSense Wireless Controller from the list of devices.

How to connect an Android device to a PS5 controller

The PS5 DualSense controller is really supported by both Android and iOS if you want to play games on your phone. Even though playing games through the process may not be as seamless as playing them directly on the touchpad, doing so is definitely worthwhile, especially if you’re streaming console games.

  • Till the light bar blinks, simultaneously press and hold the PS logo and the create buttons.
  • Select Bluetooth from the settings page on your Android smartphone. Verify that Bluetooth is activated.
  • Select “Scan” in the menu.
  • Select “DualSense Wireless Controller” from the list of “Available Devices”.

How to connect a PlayStation 5 controller to an iPhone

Similar to that, setting up a PS5 controller on your iPhone couldn’t be easier. And it will be even simpler now that iPhones accept USB-C.

  • Hold down both the PS logo and the create button simultaneously until the light bar blinks.
  • Select Bluetooth from the settings screen on your iPhone. Verify that Bluetooth is activated.
  • Select “DualSense Wireless Controller” from the “My Devices” menu.

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