How LeShawn Lewis Transitioned From a YouTuber to a Full Time Businessman

How LeShawn Lewis Transitioned From a YouTuber to a Full Time Businessman

LeShawn Lewis, better known as Poppy Blasted, began his YouTube tour in 2013 and has since created a platform for 287k subscribers.

The starting moment of YouTube when he decided to take YouTube seriously:

STARTED his YouTube channel (Poppy Blasted) in 2013. He did not begin to take it seriously until 2015 when he first discovered that he could be paid for doing what he loved to create for the 360 ​​Wave Hair Care Community Lessons / Content!

How did YouTube change his life (whether lifestyle or whatever, the biggest change he made?):

YouTube has definitely changed his life, he has always been the kind of shy and timid guy! Being in front of a camera that creates the content of millions of people on Earth has made him very open! The biggest change for him was creating a Bride and then launching his Business (PB The Goat Merch LLC) in 2018.

The crossover from YouTube to being an entrepreneur and the way he does business with the forum:

Switching from YouTube to becoming a full-fledged business man was very easy. He has been busy creating content and editing with Adobe premiere pro to keep his hands tied. It was just a matter of cutting the rope that was the hard part! Once you get used to the challenging task it is not so bad.

About the development of his product

He made Hair Products he had never studied in school. It was a matter of trial and error and watching many YouTube videos. Learn the difference between the high quality of all natural butter and oils and those that are refined. It took him a long time to complete his job but he never lost hope!

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