Here’s when Garth Brooks’ 14th studio album, “Time Traveller,” will be released

Here’s when Garth Brooks’ 14th studio album, “Time Traveller,” will be released

In mid-November, Garth Brooks’s first studio album including brand-new songs since 2020’s Fun will be released as part of a seven-disc boxed collection that is available only at Bass Pro Shops.

The 14th studio album by Brooks, Time Traveller, will be available in a limited series collection that also includes the three studio albums he has released since coming out of retirement: Man Against Machine (2014), Gunslinger (2016), and Fun (2015), as well as the three-disc Triple Live concert set.

According to a statement by Brooks, “this album is named because it covers a lot of different eras.” “Country music’s core is sincerity. After that, you can dress it up a thousand different ways. I am so lucky to live under the flag of country music.”

Bass Pro Shops will start carrying the Limited Series on November 7. The Limited Series is already available for preorder, and orders placed through Bass Pro Shops’ online shop will begin shipping in mid-November. The complete package is only $9.95 after fans who are approved for a Bass Pro Shows Club credit card earn a $20 credit towards their purchase. The original price of $29.95 is still available. In the United States, there are 177 Bass Pro Shops, 82 of which are Cabela’s.

Brooks has previously released new content in the form of boxed sets. Initially, Gunslinger could only be purchased as a 10-CD box set called The Ultimate Collection, which was only sold at Target. The career-spanning package also contained nine discs of songs from Brooks’ back catalogue in addition to the new album. Representatives for Brooks said that the book sold 134,000 copies in its first week of release. A week later, Gunslinger was made available for streaming on Amazon as well as being released as a stand-alone CD through all physical stores.

Fun and the three-disc live album Triple Live Deluxe were released on the same day, but they could be purchased separately at Talk Shop Live, Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

In contrast to Gunslinger and Fun, Time Traveller won’t be sold separately or be accessible for Amazon Prime streaming, according to a Brooks spokeswoman. Although the country music artist has been performing a new song, “Pleasure in the Pain,” during his two-year Las Vegas residency, which began earlier this year, there is no news on when the first single from the Brooks-produced set will be released.

The Third and Last Edition of Brooks’ The Limited Series is available in November. A second, different-content The Limited Series was released in 2005, following the first one that debuted 25 years ago in 1998. The only place to get the second edition was at Walmart.

Two weeks before to Brooks’s November 24 event to officially open his highly anticipated Nashville bar, Friends in Low Places venue & Honky Tonk, the Limited Series will go on sale. Fans may only win concert tickets through the TuneIn streaming platform’s Brooks’ The Big 615 station. That evening marks the bar’s opening on Lower Broadway; it will reopen for business in 2024.

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