Here are some excellent ChatGPT extensions for Chrome

Here are some excellent ChatGPT extensions for Chrome

There is no need to introduce ChatGPT. It has 100 million users in just two months of being launched, making it the most popular thing on the internet right now.

The capability to integrate ChatGPT into a variety of platforms, as Microsoft does, is one of its strengths. However, there is a way to experiment with the AI bot without waiting in a queue if you do not want to join a waitlist.

Despite Google and Microsoft’s AI conflict, ChatGPT is not restricted to Microsoft products. Check out these fantastic extensions for Google Chrome.

ChatGPT Writer

A powerful extension that makes it possible for the prompt system in ChatGPT to generate messages and emails.

It works with all websites and gives Gmail better support. It can quickly produce responses to messages and emails.

ChatGPT for Google

This extension disproves the notion that Microsoft’s Bing is the only search engine that could benefit from ChatGPT.

This open-source extension is fully compatible with Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo and will display ChatGPT responses alongside search engine results.

Since it works with ChatGPT’s official OpenAI API, the bot will keep up with any changes.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

The generative capabilities of ChatGPT Prompt Genius are well-known, but for the best results, you must prompt it correctly. Most of the time, you have to try different prompts until you find one that gets you the results.

That will be taken care of for you by this extension. It allows you to download ChatGPT prompts in a document format for easy reading and can import, save, and share them with other users.


Merlin allows you to use GPT on any website and is described as an “OpenAI GPT powered assistant.”

Simply highlight the content you want GPT to analyze and then call Merlin to tell it what to do is all that is required. You can calculate complicated Excel formulas or send email responses or website summaries.


An extension that lets you “Converse with ChatGPT.” With Promptheus, you can say your prompts to ChatGPT instead of typing them in. similar to how you would interact with Siri or Google Now from Apple or Google.

Engage AI

Let’s face it: LinkedIn is fantastic, but not everyone has the time to read every post and participate in conversations. Sadly, this is the only method for generating leads on the platform.

That can be handled by Engage AI on your behalf. It is able to read posts and write “insightful comments, saving hours of your time by engaging and increasing touchpoints with multiple LinkedIn leads for faster conversions,” according to the software.

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