Here are 5 diets you should avoid in 2022

Here are 5 diets you should avoid in 2022

The New Year is coming, and most of us are prepared with resolutions centred on fitness, health, and growth. New Year’s Day is marked by unusually large crowds in gyms, and it is common to see people begin new fitness regimes in order to keep their resolutions. People follow various diets as part of these regimens, which promise weight loss in a short amount of time or, at times, in the most effective way possible. However, not all of them turn out to be as helpful as they promise.

In fact, according to U.S. News & World Report, the best diets are easy to follow and healthy, whereas the diets that score low on the list are rather tough to follow. They have  made a list of five diets to avoid in the coming year in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

1. Acid alkaline diet

Foods that promote acid production in the body, such as beef, are forbidden on this diet. The diet advises alkaline or neutral meals because if you continue to eat acid-producing foods in our bodies, our systems would be preoccupied with removing acid from the body in order to maintain maximum health. Foods like grains, poultry, meat, and dairy should be avoided as much as feasible in the diet, while fruits, legumes, and vegetables should be included as much as possible.

2. Fertility diet

By boosting the consumption of healthy fats and whole grains while restricting carbohydrates, the diet attempts to improve fertility in women and maximise overall reproductive health. Weight loss occurs as a result of the low-carb diet, but there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that it boosts fertility.

3. Glycaemic-index diet

This diet suggests that you choose foods based on your blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are abundant in foods with a higher glycaemic index. Because this diet eliminates high-sugar meals, it aids weight loss. However, many healthful fruits are on the higher end of the glycaemic index range yet are still beneficial to one’s health. Furthermore, because calories play no part in this diet, there is no proof that it helps you lose weight.

4. Anti-inflammatory diet

The diet isn’t specific, but it does focus lowering inflammation in the body. This diet is founded on the idea that what we eat is directly related to our levels of inflammation. Inflammation levels in the body can be reduced by eating a diet high in healthy fats such fish, fruits, and vegetables.

5. Paleo diet

This diet has recently gained a lot of popularity, and it claims that consuming items that were only available to cavemen can help you lose weight. Foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables are preferred, however refined sugar, wheat, dairy, and legumes are not deemed acceptable. This diet is not recommended because it restricts the consumption of entire grains.

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