Grand Theft Auto 5 is arriving on your smartphone

Grand Theft Auto 5 is arriving on your smartphone

Amazing Theft Auto 5 is getting back to Xbox Game Pass this April, having recently been made available among January and May 2020. This time, however, it’s brought a friend the type of cloud support, allowing players to experience the game on their Android phone or tablet of choice, given they’re subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Stupendous Theft Auto 5 will be reintroduced to Xbox Game Pass on April 8 for console and cloud gaming specifically, and features a busy month ahead for the gaming subscription service. Indeed, PC players will lamentably need to look somewhere else in the event that they’re planning to play GTA 5 at any point in the near future.

Different titles being included April include, unusually, Sony’s MLB The Show 21 (a the very beginning delivery on Xbox Game Pass), charming indie game Rain On Your Parade and NHL 21 via EA Play among others. The vast majority of the month’s augmentations will also feature cloud gaming support barring NHL 21 and the PC exclusive Pathway.

Amazing Theft Android

Amazing Theft Auto 5 could address something of a watershed moment for cloud gaming on Xbox Game Pass, as well. That is particularly pertinent for the still massively popular GTA Online component, where the large number of players could put some serious stress on Microsoft’s servers.

If Grand Theft Auto 5’s expansion to Xbox’s cloud gaming service proves successful, at that could in turn encourage Rockstar to reintroduce Red Dead Redemption 2 to Game Pass, itself hopefully experimenting with cloud support along with its online counterpart Red Dead Online.

We likewise hope that playing GTA 5 by means of the cloud will benefit by 1080p picture quality, an element Microsoft tried a month ago for Xbox Game Pass. At present, cloud gaming via Game Pass is limited to simply a 720p resolution. This will not be really awful on more modest screens, yet you’ll definitely notice a hit to picture quality when playing on anything bigger than a smartphone or tablet.

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