Google Search is bringing new ‘Perspectives’ and ‘About this author’ features to help users verify info

Google Search is bringing new ‘Perspectives’ and ‘About this author’ features to help users verify info

Google made the announcement on Tuesday that it will be introducing new methods for Search users to verify information. In addition to expanding some of its existing tools, such as “About this result,” the search giant is introducing two brand-new features called “Perspectives” and “About this author.”

The Perspectives feature, which is a carousel that will appear below the Top Stories, will highlight insights from a variety of journalists, experts, and other relevant voices on the subject you are looking for. The thought behind the component is to provide clients with different imperative voices on a news point to expand how they might interpret the topic. According to Google, the desktop and mobile versions of the carousel will soon be available in English in the United States.

Additionally, Google is introducing a brand-new feature known as “About this author” that makes it simple for readers to learn more about the authors of the content they are reading. Users will be able to discover additional background information about the authors that Google surfaces on Search with this new feature. The feature will be available in English on all Search results and the Perspectives carousel in the United States.

The current “About this result” feature that Google launched in English for the first time in 2021 is being expanded with the “About this author” feature. The company announced that the “About this result” feature will soon be available globally in all languages where Search is available. On Google Search, all users will now see three dots next to the majority of results. Users can learn more about the source of the data and how Google’s systems came to the conclusion that it would be useful for their query by tapping those three dots.

Additionally, Google announced that beginning today, it will make it simpler for users to access its “About this page” feature.

“When you click on the three dots next to a result, you can learn more information about the source and topic of a particular page,” the company said in a blog post. “Now we’re making this information even easier to access. Say you’re searching for a rainforest protection organization. Starting today, you can type in the URL of the organization in Google Search and information from About this page will populate at the top of Search. You’ll be able to quickly see how the website describes itself, what others on the web have said about a site and any recent coverage of it. From there, you can evaluate whether you want to visit the website and learn more. This feature is now available globally in English.”

In August of last year, Google started putting advisories in the Search results when its systems don’t feel confident in the quality of the results as a whole. In the coming months, the company will begin translating these warnings into German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. The thought behind these warnings is to give setting about the entire arrangement of results on the page. It’s significant that you can constantly see the outcomes for your question, in any event, when the warning is available.

Google also provided an update on its previously announced $13.2 million grant to the International Fact-Checking Network to establish a new Global Fact Check Fund. The organization says the asset will open before very long and support in excess of 130 reality checking associations from 65 nations covering north of 80 dialects.

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