Google launches “Continuous Scrolling” feature for desktop search

Google launches “Continuous Scrolling” feature for desktop search

Expanding on a feature that the company has offered on mobile for some time, Google is introducing a feature called “Continuous Scrolling” on the desktop so that users in the United States don’t have to navigate across pages to find the relevant search results for English-language queries.

Particularly, users should avoid confusing continuous scrolling with infinite scrolling.Users can see up to six pages of search results by continuously scrolling before seeing the “More” button to look for more results.Google restricts continuous scrolling to four pages of search results at a time on mobile devices.

Google has traditionally presented search results in a “paged” format. This indicates that up until this point, in order to view additional results, users had to click on the page number at the bottom of the search result page as they scrolled down the page.

Sites that did not rank high enough to be on the first page may also benefit from increased visibility thanks to the new feature. The joke is that most people don’t read past the second page, and very few brave souls do.The second page of Google’s search results is the best place to hide something criminally harmful.

The change comes at a time when many users are expressing dissatisfaction with the quality of Google search results. Accordingly, Google has made a progression of changes, including making indexed lists more visual. It also launched a feature in September that put results from Reddit and Quora in a section called “Discussions and forums.”

While many features are designed with mobile in mind, Google is also working to improve desktop search. The company has been testing cards that look like widgets on the home screen to give users quick access to stock and weather information.

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