Google doodle celebrates the Morocco Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Morocco Independence Day

Morocco Independence Day is honoured in this year’s Doodle! Morocco regained its independence on this day in 1956 following more than 40 years of colonial domination. King Mohammed V’s diplomatic efforts and peaceful negotiations made the nation’s independence possible.

Moroccans celebrate their independence by going to concerts, fireworks displays, flag-raising ceremonies, and parades. They wave the red and green national flag, similar to the one seen in today’s artwork, while dressed traditionally in djellabas (decorated robes with pointed hoods) and kaftans (beautiful, long-sleeved gowns).

Moroccan cuisine is also a major component of celebrations. Everyone enjoys national dishes like pastilla (savoury chicken pie), tajine (braised chicken stew), and couscous. For dessert, they devour chebakia, which are deep-fried cookies flavoured with sesame and honey. In addition, mint tea, which represents warmth and welcome, is offered all around the country.

Morocco, happy Independence Day!


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