Google Assistant add to ‘Your apps’ settings menu for Android

Google Assistant add to ‘Your apps’ settings menu for Android

Back in October, Google made a major push to integrate and allow you to control Android applications with Assistant. That drive should proceed at I/O one week from now, and in front of that, there’s a new Google Assistant “Your apps” settings menu.

Accessible at the very bottom of the Google Assistant settings list, this new menu lets you “manage how your Assistant works with installed apps.” Every application that seems records two preferences, however the one for Chrome is specifically aware of its status as a browser.

Let your Assistant learn from this app

Get a more customized insight by permitting your Assistant to get to and gain from this present application’s use data.

Let your Assistant choose this app

At the point when you request something this application can do, your Assistant can send your request to this application, regardless of whether you don’t say the application’s name.

The options are enabled by default for each application that shows up here, while Google at the bottom of the list links to the Shortcuts creation page. Other than Chrome, the lone other first-party Google application to appear here is Snapseed, which hasn’t been updated in ages.

It’s indistinct what the “personalized experience” actually resembles, while the second is somewhat more straightforward. This functionality has probably been empowered since the launch of Shortcuts, and Google is just now giving clients this granular option to disable.

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