Formula 1 2024: When do teams launch new cars ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix to start the season?

Formula 1 2024: When do teams launch new cars ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix to start the season?

The 10 teams will unveil the new cars over the course of two weeks in February in anticipation of the upcoming Formula 1 season in 2024.

This time of year is usually exciting because drivers have new hope and fans are ready to watch as much Formula One as possible following the end of the previous season.

In the 74-year history of Formula One, there hasn’t been any driver movement for the 2018 season, but following a record-breaking year for Max Verstappen and Red Bull, the pack is expected to converge.

In recent years, some teams have chosen not to change their cars for the new season, and this year will likely be the same.

However, you should see some new aero parts on the outside of the car at launch, especially if the team is on the path of revolution rather than evolution.

F1 car launches




Haas February 2
Sauber February 5
Williams February 5
Alpine February 7
Visa Cash App RB February 8
Aston Martin February 12
Ferrari February 13
Mercedes February 14
McLaren February 14
Red Bull February 15

Red Bull

Red Bull, who won an incredible 21 of 22 races in 2023, is the current constructors’ champion.

The Milton Keynes-based team will begin their 20th season on Thursday, February 15, at their factory, with maybe the best saved for last.

Mercedes: Launched on February 14

Mercedes’s 2024 car was expected to get significant changes for some time, but the team’s announcement of the W15’s new livery came as a significant surprise.

Lewis Hamilton’s 12-and-final season with the team featured an eye-catching combination of the all-black and all-silver designs from previous seasons, together with a touch of green.

Ferrari: Launched on February 13

Ferrari stayed true to their word and unveiled a “completely new” car for 2024. It also had a somewhat different look, with eye-catching yellow and white stripes added to the Italian team’s famous red.

The arrival of Lewis Hamilton in 2019 was a major topic of discussion on launch day, but team principal Fred Vasseur maintains that his team is totally focused on building on their solo race victory from the previous season.

McLaren: Launched on February 14

After announcing its 2024 livery in mid-January, McLaren has finally unveiled the MCL38 before hitting the track at Silverstone.

The team is confident of making further progress after a strong finish to 2023, but chief executive Zac Brown said expectations “remain realistic” going up against Red Bull. “No,” he warned.

Aston Martin: Launched on February 12

Aston Martin put Red Bull under huge pressure at the start of 2023 as Fernando Alonso took six podiums in the first eight races.

However, in the second half of the season they were overtaken by Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren.

The team unveiled his AMR24 at Silverstone and Alonso believes the car will be a “good step forward”.

Alpine: Launched on February 7th

After a disappointing 2023 season, everything changed for Alpine when the “completely revised” A524 was launched at the Enstone factory.

The team also revealed the two liveries that will appear on Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon’s cars throughout the season.

Williams: Launched February 5th

Williams was the second team to launch the 2024 Challenger, the FW46.

The team additionally unveiled the new livery at his 5th Avenue store in New York City with new sponsor PUMA, as well as offering a digital launch.

RB: Launched on February 8

New name and bold look for the team formerly known as AlphaTauri.

No expense was spared with the VCARB 01’s striking white and sparkling blue livery and its launch event in Las Vegas, which featured Pulitzer Prize-winning musician Kendrick Lamar.

Sauber: Launched on February 5

Sauber was renamed the stakes F1 team Kick Sauber before being acquired by Audi in 2026, with the most notable change to the livery with a new green and black look one has been added.

The Swiss-based team made waves with its new look when it unveiled the C44 in London.

Haas: Launched on February 2

The VF-24, which had a new almost all-black design in contrast to last year’s VF-23, was virtually unveiled by Haas to kick off F1’s first season.

Ayao Komatsu, the team principal who took over for Guenther Steiner during the off-season, issued a dire warning, stating that he still expects the American-owned team will start the 2018 season at the rear of the grid.

When does F1 pre-season testing take place?

Pre-season testing will be held at the Bahrain International Circuit from Wednesday 21st February to Friday 23rd February. The team has just three days to prepare for the new season.

When will the first F1 race be held?

In just one week, the 2024 season opener will begin at the Bahrain Grand Prix from 29 February to 2 March

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan The Grand Prix will be held on Saturday, so the Bahrain GP will be held and seven days later the Saudi Arabian GP will be held.

This means that the first and second training sessions will take place on Thursday, and the last training session and qualifying will take place on Friday.

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