FCS National Championship Game 2023–24: Schedule, time, TV channel, and history

FCS National Championship Game 2023–24: Schedule, time, TV channel, and history

The FCS has crowned national champions every year since 1978; South Dakota State was the most recent winner. A brief overview of the 2023–24 FCS National Championship Game is provided below, along with information on the TV network, scheduling, and team selection process:

Who will take part in the FCS National Championship Game in 2023–2024?

After defeating No. 5 UAlbany 59-0, No. 1 South Dakota State earned a spot in the FCS championship game in 2023. The victor of the second semifinal contest will be faced by the Jackrabbits.

What date is the FCS National Championship Game in 2023–2024?

The 2023–24 FCS Championship will take place at 2 p.m. ET on Sunday, January 7, 2024.

How to watch the FCS Championship in 2023–2024

ABC will broadcast the FCS Championship in 2023.

The FCS Championship for 2023–24 is held where?

The FCS championship game in 2023–24 will take place at Frisco, Texas’ Toyota Stadium. The FCS Championship Game will take place in Frisco for the fourteenth time.

When will the FCS Championship 2023–24 be selected?

The 2023–24 FCS bracket choices will be on ESPNU on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 12:30 p.m. ET.

How does the FCS bracket for 2023–24 look?

In the FCS playoffs of 2023–24, a 24-team bracket will be used, with the top eight teams being seeded and guaranteed a bye to the second round. In the first round, the remaining 16 teams in the 24-team field will play.

The selection committee aims to reduce travel by regionalizing the FCS playoff bracket for the first two rounds. To minimise travel for organisations, first round matchups are regionalized. Convergence teams that have already faced one another will not be paired together in the first round. And last, in an additional attempt to reduce travel, first-round matches will be paired regionally amongst teams ranked one through eight.

How do teams for the FCS Championship get chosen?

In 2023–24, twenty-four teams will compete for the FCS Championship. Ten conferences (or conference partnerships/alliances) will automatically be invited to the FCS playoffs following the conclusion of the regular season. The remaining fourteen at-large bids will be chosen by the FCS Championship Committee. The top eight teams will be seeded by the committee and receive byes in the first round.

Past FCS champions from 1978 to today

Here are the previous winners of the FCS Championship Game, which started in the 1978 season.

2022 South Dakota State John Stiegelmeier 45-21 North Dakota State Frisco, Texas
2021 North Dakota State Matt Entz 38-10 Montana State Frisco, Texas
2020 Sam Houston K.C. Keeler 23-21 South Dakota State Frisco, Texas
2019 North Dakota State Matt Entz 28-20 James Madison Frisco, Texas
2018 North Dakota State Chris Klieman 38-24 Eastern Washington Frisco, Texas
2017 North Dakota State Chris Klieman 17-13 James Madison Frisco, Texas
2016 James Madison Mike Houston 28-14 Youngstown State Frisco, Texas
2015 North Dakota State Chris Klieman 37-10 Jacksonville State Frisco, Texas
2014 North Dakota State Chris Klieman 29-27 Illinois State Frisco, Texas
2013 North Dakota State Craig Bohl 35-7 Towson Frisco, Texas
2012 North Dakota State Craig Bohl 39-13 Sam Houston State Frisco, Texas
2011 North Dakota State Craig Bohl 17-6 Sam Houston State Frisco, Texas
2010 Eastern Washington Beau Baldwin 20-19 Delaware Frisco, Texas
2009 Villanova Andy Talley 23-21 Montana Chattanooga, Tenn.
2008 Richmond Mike London 24-7 Montana Chattanooga, Tenn.
2007 Appalachian State Jerry Moore 49-21 Delaware Chattanooga, Tenn.
2006 Appalachian State Jerry Moore 28-17 Massachusetts Chattanooga, Tenn.
2005 Appalachian State Jerry Moore 21-16 UNI Chattanooga, Tenn.
2004 James Madison Mickey Matthews 31-21 Montana Chattanooga, Tenn.
2003 Delaware K.C. Keeler 40-0 Colgate Chattanooga, Tenn.
2002 Western Kentucky Jack Harbaugh 34-14 McNeese State Chattanooga, Tenn.
2001 Montana Joe Glenn 13-6 Furman Chattanooga, Tenn.
2000 Georgia Southern Paul Johnson 27-25 Montana Chattanooga, Tenn.
1999 Georgia Southern Paul Johnson 59-24 Youngstown State Chattanooga, Tenn.
1998 Massachusetts Mark Whipple 55-43 Georgia Southern Chattanooga, Tenn.
1997 Youngstown State Jim Tressel 10-9 McNeese State Chattanooga, Tenn.
1996 Marshall Bob Pruett 49-29 Montana Huntington, W.Va.
1995 Montana Don Read 22-20 Marshall Huntington, W.Va.
1994 Youngstown State Jim Tressel 28-14 Boise State Huntington, W.Va.
1993 Youngstown State Jim Tressel 17-5 Marshall Huntington, W.Va.
1992 Marshall Jim Donnan 31-28 Youngstown State Huntington, W.Va.
1991 Youngstown State Jim Tressel 25-17 Marshall Statesboro, Ga.
1990 Georgia Southern Tim Stowers 36-13 Nevada Statesboro, Ga.
1989 Georgia Southern Erk Russell 37-34 Stephen F. Austin * Statesboro, Ga.
1988 Furman Jimmy Satterfield 17-12 Georgia Southern Pocatello, Idaho
1987 Louisiana-Monroe Pat Collins 43-42 Marshall Pocatello, Idaho
1986 Georgia Southern Erk Russell 48-21 Arkansas State Tacoma, Wash.
1985 Georgia Southern Erk Russell 44-42 Furman Tacoma, Wash.
1984 Montana State Dave Arnold 19-6 Louisiana Tech Charleston, S.C.
1983 Southern Illinois Rey Dempsey 43-7 Western Carolina Charleston, S.C.
1982 Eastern Kentucky Roy Kidd 17-14 Delaware Wichita Falls, Texas
1981 Idaho State Dave Kragthorpe 34-23 Eastern Kentucky Wichita Falls, Texas
1980 Boise State Jim Criner 31-29 Eastern Kentucky Sacramento, Calif.
1979 Eastern Kentucky Roy Kidd 30-7 Lehigh Orlando, Fla.
1978 Florida A&M Rudy Hubbard 35-28 Massachusetts Wichita Falls, Texas



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