FBoy Island Season 3: How to Watch It on TV and Streaming

FBoy Island Season 3: How to Watch It on TV and Streaming

Fans of HBO Max’s original series, such as Hacks, Rap Sh!t, and Close Enough, were more concerned about the future of their streaming-first favourites than they were about the odd branding change that the app formerly known as HBO Max underwent when it became just MAX and combined with Discovery’s content.

Not every show made it through the change. Both Dramedy Minx and the reality dating show FBoy Island were fired. But happily, both programmes narrowly escaped the grave of shows that were suddenly cancelled. While Minx was saved by Starz (the programme is currently heading towards its third season), FBoy Island was saved by The CW, a surprise network.

The CW just underwent an ownership change and said that it will alter its focus from younger viewers to a wider audience, as The Hollywood Reporter found. The CW is best known as a home for teen dramas and DC superhero shows. While it represents a significant loss for broadcast shows aimed at teens and young adults, it presents a chance for older audiences, who notably watch shows like The Bachelor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race each week. If successful, reality and competitive shows can draw large audiences.

FBoy Island is an intriguing new venture for The CW, and ideally it pays off. On the off chance that you’re a newcomer to the series, the show follows three women, all charmed by a group of men. The significant twist is that half of the men are “FBoys” who battle with responsibility and really like to involve individuals for their own benefit. Then again, the other portion of the group are “Nice Guys” who are really searching for love. The women need to date and examine to either track down the right fellow or convince a FBoy to fundamentally have an impact on his methodologies. What’s more, as though they required a greater motivation, there’s money on the line; if an “FBoy” pulls off his grift, he can pocket all the money and leave a woman with a broken heart (and an unfilled wallet).

Here’s how to watch FBoy Island, whether you’re switching from Max (formerly known as HBO Max) or are tuning in for the first time.

How to watch FBoy Island

The CW transfer may feel a little more complicated than past seasons, which just required HBO Max subscribers to navigate via the app to find the show whenever they wanted.

Having a cable subscription makes tuning in simple. You can tune in to The CW on October 16 at 8 p.m. ET to catch the premiere of FBoy Island.

How to watch FBoy Island without cable

However, if you choose to cut the cord, you have three viable options.

You’ll need to be a member of another live streaming service, like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV, in order to watch live.

The CW app also offers post-air viewing of shows. You may watch the show for free while it’s not live (yeah, it’s free), just be sure to warn others not to give anything away in the meantime.


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